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  December 13th, 2017.

PAK - Services and Benefits for Legal Persons

By the quality addressing of items, with mandatory application of the Postal Address Code, legal persons realise a series of benefits, and simultaneously this provides that the Post of Serbia may properly and efficiently perform automated sorting, as well as the fast conveyance and safe delivery of items to the addressees.
In order to match the address data base of users and the address system of the Post of Serbia, which is the most effective way for legal person to ensure constant quality of address data and to fulfil the obligation of addressing items according to prescribed standards, the Post of Serbia has created the following set of services:

Standardization and validation of legal person address data according to the address system of the Post of Serbia

This service includes downloading the address data base from the customers, checking their accuracy and adding additional address elements to the existing data:

  • official name of the municipality, settlement and street,
  • delivery post office,
  • delivery area, and
  • Postal Address Code - PAK.

After that, the legal person receives a new updated address data base which is matched with the address system of the Post of Serbia.

Maintenance of the Users Address System

The companies for which the Post of Serbia performed standardization and validation of address data directly become users of our service of continuous updating of matched data (in accordance with changes in the field: changes of street names, delivery areas, etc), free of charge.

Services of Geographic Information System

By matching their address base with the address system of the Post of Serbia, the users of our services are also allowed to use the Services of Geographic Information System. Namely, the Post of Serbia has geo-positioned (provided coordinates on the map) over 900,000 buildings in all the big towns and cities in Serbia. By application of our address system, every user in these towns and cities may know its position in the map.

Consulting Services

If you decide to create a unique address data system within your own information system, the Post of Serbia may provide the consulting services of its experts for implementation of solutions.

Benefits for legal persons

that apply proper addressing of items with PAK as a mandatory address element:

  • Accuracy and regular updating of the address data;
  • Safe delivery of your items in the shortest possible time;
  • Possibility to obtain postage payment facilities;
  • Efficient management of address data base;
  • Reduction in the number of undelivered items;
  • Satisfaction of the customer;

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