PE Post of Serbia

08:19    December 13th, 2017.

Find a PAK

Instruction for using the address code browser


Address code search is done based on the three criteria:

  1. City or municipality or settlement – enter one (any) of the given information, depending on what information you know about the address
  2. Street name – enter name of the street
    Browser recognizes all available, old and new, street names
  3. House number – enter the number of the house

After filling in all criteria, click on the FIND button.

While filling in the search fields, it is necessary to use all the letters of Latin alphabet (e.g.: č, ć, š, đ, ž , dž ).

For easier search, in all search fields, we recommend using the symbol *. For example:

  • kr* - query which starts with letters kr,
  • *alek* - query which in its full name has letters alek, in exact same order,
  • *nova - query which ends with letters nova.

By entering more information in search fields, you narrow down the number of results.


As a result of your search query, in addition to information about PAK and its display on the map, you will get other information necessary for the proper addressing of the postal item:

  1. Street name (and old street name, if available),
  2. House number (and sub-number),
  3. Name of the settlement,
  4. Postal code and name of the delivery post office,
  5. Postal address code (PAK).