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08:19    December 13th, 2017.

Postal Address Code (PAK)

Law on Postal Services prescribes a new way of addressing of postal items, according to which all the addresses of each resident and legal entity on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, include additional address element – Postal Address Code (PAK).


What is Postal Address Code?

PAK is a six digit number that indicates part of the street in which the postman comes to deliver the mail to the addressee. By using PAK, location for delivery of items is specified more precise, compared to the old way of addressing, when the sender was obliged only to write down the number and name of the delivery post office on mail item.

Application of Postal Address Code allows the delivery of items within the prescribed time frames, regardless of the frequent changes of street names and existence of several streets with the same name in the same city or municipality.

Application of PAK increases the reliability and speed of transfer of postal items.

Correct method of addressing the items

includes addition of PAK to the existing address, i.e. the sender of the item should specify the following information:

  • title, first and last name of the addressee or the name of the company
  • name and number of the street, sub-number, apartment number (or PO Box number, or name and number of military post office or mark „Post Restant” / „Post Restante”)
  • name of the settlement (destination)
  • number and name of the delivery post office
  • Postal Address Code (PAK)

For items that are addressed to „Post Restante“, PO Box or military post office, the sender is not obliged to specify the Postal Address Code (PAK) of the destination post office.

Correct method of addressing the items

For example, PAK: 272316 carries the information that the addressee Petar Petrović lives in the municipality of Šabac, settlement of Mišar, part of the even side of the street Jakova Nenadovića from number 2 to number 4.

How to find PAK?

PAK for every address on the territory of the Republic of Serbia can be found:

  • By calling the Call centre on 0700 100 300 (call charged at local rates)
  • via online browser on our web site
  • in every post office, by inspecting the PAK directory.

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