PE Post of Serbia

  October 4th, 2015.

Call center

Call center Post of Serbia gives you the opportunity to creating and developing your own Call center by renting the infrastructure, operators and voice machines (IVR).


Make the communication with your customers faster and easier. Let us do that for you in a modern and professional way with the up-to-date technology. Telemarketing and telesales services allow you to perform various types of surveys, perform market research or public opinion polls, promote your products and services and improve sales.

For communication with your customers we offer:

  • • Channels of communication (fixed and mobile telephone, fax, e-mail, Web, postal counter, mix)
  • • Types of communication (operators, voice machine, mix)
  • • Ways of communication (one-way or interactive)
  • • Ways of charging the service (commercial 0900, like a local call 0700,free 0800, standard charging 011...)

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Prices are determined depending on your needs and precisely defined demands.

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PE Post of Serbia
WU for Post of Serbia E-business – CePP
Katiceva 14-18, 11000 Belgrade, PAC: 111515
011 3607 895
011 3651 412
Working hours:
Monday-Friday (7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.)

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