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  April 25th, 2019.

About us

PTT CDS and PTT NET were formed more than 15 years ago, PTT CDS as the first national operator in the cable-distributive system, and PTT NET as the bearer of the modern technology within its parent company.

Post of Serbia has integrated these two business units into one unique business system Pošta NET, for a joint participation in the market of ICT services. New business system Pošta NET was formed in order to improve services in view of prices, quality, infrastructure and everyday support which we give to our users.

This integration brings a lot of benefits to our customers, and some of them are:

  • New service packages which integrate Cable television with one of the internet services
  • Improvement and innovation of services in terms of better packages of Cable and ADSL internet
  • Single price list, with significantly lower prices for legal entities
  • Unified support for users of the Internet and television
  • New General Terms and Conditions
  • Benefits for contracts with minimum period of 12 or 24 months

Working Unit “Pošta NET” offers to its customers special conveniences regarding all the services rendered by Post NET, starting from cable Internet and ADSL to the cable television. You may find any information on current actions here.

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PE Post of Serbia
WU Pošta NET
Katićeva 14-18, 11000 Beograd, PAK: 111515

Help Desk

011 3641 999 – for mobile phone users only
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