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  April 25th, 2019.


Designed mainly for business users, Business service offers logistics in takeover, transport, warehousing, transfer and delivery of consignments and goods.


  • Possible realization of "door-to-door" service, i.e. full distribution (takeover, transport, warehousing, packaging, transfer and delivery) of consignments
  • Possible transport of semi-finished goods from one manufacturer to another, transport of product samples and advertising material when such transport makes part of other Business Service services
  • Possibility of transporting goods in order to supply retail outlets, when such transport makes part of other Business Service services
  • Full service in international traffic and commission services of Post of Serbia Forwarding Service for customs procedure.

Additional services

Takeover of goods / consignments at User's address
If you are not in position to hand over your consignments for forwarding to Business Service by yourself, or you simply want to have this job done for you, call us and we will take over your consignments at time and place of your choice and deliver them to Business Service by our vehicles.

Warehousing of consignments or goods
This service offers you an advantage to warehouse in our Business Service those goods to be successively delivered as postal consignments, in order to avoid daily shipments. Aside from this advantage, if you leave us a list of your recipients, we can arrange a fast and efficient delivery of the goods warehoused in our place.

Formation of consignments
This set of services enables you to commission, pack, address and properly prepare consignments in our organization. You may deliver your goods to our Business Service in their default package and ask that such goods be formed into consignments for intended recipients. For packaging such consignments we may use either yours or standard postal packaging that may be bought in post offices.

Consignment personalization
Address data processing and preparation of address notes and postal documents.

Other additional services:

  • Reception of order forms for making orders on your behalf through Post of Serbia Call Center
  • Handling returned consignments, i.e. organization of delivery and reshipment of returned consignments, including report drafting.

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Any additional information on Business Service services for Belgrade may be obtained by contacting salespersons in Business Service.

PE Post of Serbia
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