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  April 25th, 2019.

SMS bulk

SMS bulk – service for frequently informing, advertising and notifying your client via SMS


SMS bulk is a service for frequently informing, advertising and notifying your client via SMS.

Our recognizable services are for:

  • Banks (notifications of on-line payments, payment of credit installment…)
  • Shopping centers and service centers (promotions, advertising massages…)
  • Media (daily news, latest news…)
  • Everyone who needs direct SMS advertisement

Benefits for your company:

  • Lower price of SMS than when you send it from your mobile phone
  • The name of your firm will be signature – cheap direct ad
  • Simplicity of the service ( you control the process of SMS notification)
  • Available 24/7(SMS ads working days from 9:00am to 6:00 pm)
  • Fast communication
  • It could be used together with commercial SMS service.

The way SMS bulk service works:
You define the text of your massage (you are only limited to 160 characters in one massage). When creating a massage, avoid using so called YU characters (č, š, ž....) Massages could be assigned to individuals (on-line changes or personal massages) or to group of customers (advertising massages, common notifications).

Communication between your information system and CePP is frequently done via internet or frame relay, while inward and outward traffic is done via WEB service (SOAP massages).

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Prices are determined by your needs and precisely defined demands.

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