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  May 25th, 2019.

Marketing Services of the Post of Serbia


Advertisement on poster places

PE Post of Serbia offers the possibility of placing advertising posters in a visible and glass protected clip frames in over 500 major post office on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

According to your needs, select the poster formats:
B1 (70.7 cm x 100 cm)
B2 (50cm x 70.7 cm)
B3 (35.3 cm x 50cm)

Arrangement of posters can be seen here.

Advertisement by Holders

Advertisement by Holders provide you the opportunity to display printed promotional material (flyer), of certain dimensions in dedicated, type-designed holders of transparent clirite (Holder).

At the same price your advertising material can be placed in its own, specially branded holders of clirite, cardboard or similar material.

Handover of flyers in post offices

By using the Handover of flyers in post offices, you have the opportunity to have your promotional material (flyer) directly handed-over by the employees of the post, after completion of the transaction, to users of postal services at selected post office counters.

Presentation of branded items

Presentation of branded items is a service that allows you to place your branded products (containers for money, flags, models, coasters, etc..) with a personal advertising message at the post office counters counter.

Promotions in the post offices

Promotion services in the post offices give you the possibility of setting up promo equipment (promotional stand), and presentation of your products or services and other promotional material (flyers, catalogs, promotional products, etc..) with a distinctive advertising message, and with the engagement of the promoter.
We provide you the opportunity of a direct contact with potential buyers of your products or services.

For additional information on the provision of marketing services, please contact the Services Function or some of the organizational units.

Advertising on Monitors Service

Take this opportunity to advance your business operation and present your products.

You may advertise your company in the Post of Serbia by presenting your advertising messages in the form of videos that last 30 seconds, 10 times within an hour, on 98 monitors in 86 post offices throughout Serbia.

The list of post offices, divided by categories, is available here.

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Marketing Services Price List


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