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  April 25th, 2019.

Personalized postage stamp


Personalized postage stamp is an exclusive service of the Post which enables you to create your own personal stamp, whether you are a company or a person, for the purposes of marketing activity or personal promotion.
Personalized postage stamp is printed on the special paper, with all the elements of the regular stamp – nominal value for a letter of weight up to 20g, the name of the country and perforation).

It is used for postage payment for letterpost services in domestic postal traffic which may be posted at counters of all the post offices or by inserting it into any postal mailbox.
The motif you want to put on the postage stamp has to be in accordance with:

  • The Law of Advertising
  • The Law of Public Communication
  • The Law of Competition
  • Personal Privacy Protection Law


The smallest amount you can order is 200 stamps (8 sheets), and prices are determined by the ordered amount. 25 stamps (5*5) are printed on one sheet (A4 format). When ordering personalized postage stamps via internet, customer has to upload a photo in JPG format and size up to 1.5 Mb, position of the photo, amount, letter, personal data or company data.
One may order a personalized postal stamp by e-mail addres or bring the material recorded on the appropriate medium in person.
After ordering the stamps, customer has to sign the contract. Paying for personal postage stamp is in advance, after receiving an estimate – offer. Personalized postage stamps are delivered in authorised post office.

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Time limit for delivery of personalized postal stamps is 20 days after the payment.

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Price list PPS (personalized postal stamp)
Amount (pieces)
Price (dinar/ piece)
over 500.00125

Price per piece for personalized postal stamp, including VAT.

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For any further information or complaint contact Services Function.

PE Post of Serbia
Services Function
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403

Trade & Marketing Sector

011 3718 205
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Letterpost Services Sector

011 3718 131

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