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  April 25th, 2019.

Free Shares


Free shares

The Post of Serbia would like to inform all the individual holders of free shares that the time limit for issuing orders at post office counters without charge is extended until 31st December 2020, pursuant to the Ordinance Amending the Ordinance on Procedure and Manner in Which a Lawful Shareholder of the Equity Fund Issues Orders to Brokers for First Selling of Shares (Official Gazette of the RS; No. 76/2018).

You can trade in the free shares of Public enterprise Airport "Nikola Tesla" a. d. Belgrade and "NIS" at the post office counters. Citizens are able to issue orders to sell these shares in about 1,300 units of the postal network, every work day from Monday to Friday. This service will not be provide on Saturdays, Sundays and days of national and religious holidays. Citizens can realize the first sale of free shares without commission at the post office counters and at branch offices of Postal Savings Bank, which was named official broker by the government.

Procedure is very simple.

All you need is a valid ID and to answer to the following three questions:

  • Number of shares– How much shares do you want to sell?
  • The minimum price for the shares – What is the minimum price for the shares you would like to sell?
  • The number of the current account – What is the number of the current account to which you want the money to be paid to?

For more information please call the Info centre of the Post on the number 0800 100 300 (free call), or send an SMS inquiry with the text AKCIJE\space\unique number of the Order to the number 2377 (price is 30 dinars plus taxes).


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