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  May 25th, 2019.

Payment operations


Service for citizens

Payments with order for payment

You can use the Order for payment at the post office counters to make various cash payments, such as taxes, dues, tuition and other obligations. Realization of payment depends on the time of receiving the payment, as follows:

  • Inpayments to the current accounts of the Postal Savings Bank received by the end of working hours of the post office (Monday to Friday and Saturdays) shall be implemented on the same day
  • payments to accounts with Unicredit bank and Procredit bank received before 18:30 h (workdays) are realized on the same day
  • payments to all other accounts received before 16 h (workdays) are realized on the same day
  • for all payments with the order for payment by citizens maid to accounts with Srpska bank (UIN of the bank is 295), no commission shall be charged to the payer
  • all payments done after the given times, are realized on the first following workday

Payment of bills

At the post office you can pay the public utilities, per original bills, issued by business customers.

For payments based on original bills, date of payment is the same as the date of the settlement of your obligations. In this way you can pay the bills of Telekom, Telenor, VIP Mobile, PUC Infostan, EPS Snabdevanje, Post NET and others.

Services for business customers

Collection of bills

Do business with the Post and increase the collection of your bills.

Post of Serbia offers to its business customers the complete service for the collection of bills. This service includes collection and electronic data transfer of the collected bills, for the purpose of accounting.

The service is based on the Agreement on business cooperation, which defines in details the terms and the price of services for all business customers individually.

In-payment of daily receipts

In-payments of daily receipts in post offices provide reliable, fast and secure transfer of funds to your account. Payments could be made by cash or by check.

No fees are levied for deposits of daily receipts by the clients of ProCredit Bank and MTS bank at post office counters. Some clients of Unicredit Bank, in accordance with the Bank’s business policy, are also exempted from payment of charges when paying at post office counters.

The Bank is allowed to levy commission fees to its clients in accordance with the Bank’s Tariff List.


  1. What time does it take for order for payment to be recorded?
    Payments made at post offices before 16 h are realized on the same day, and payment made after 16 h will be realized on the next working day at the latest.
  2. Do post offices perform exchange operations?
    Exchange operations are provided in authorised post offices, and we are working intensively on expanding the number of post offices that would offer this service.
  3. How to send money to Serbia from abroad?
    By using Western Union remittances and International postal money orders France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Qatar.
  4. Could the bills be paid with credit cards at the post office?
    Post offices do not provide the service "Payments with credit cards" because it is only possible in the merchant network, but post offices provide the service "Out- payment by credit cards". It is easier for the customers to use that money (partially or in full) to immediately pay the bills. Weather such transaction would be subject to commission or not, and in what amount depends on the issuing bank of the card and its tariffs.



Overview of fees

General terms

Regulations on general terms for the execution of one-time payment transactions in PE Post of Serbia is available here.

Time schedule plan

Time schedule plan of PE Post of Serbia is available here.


Notification on the procedure for filing the complaints for the payment services customers is available here. The complaint on payment services can also be sent on the following e-mail:


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