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  April 25th, 2019.

Money transfer


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Money transfer in Serbia

Post of Serbia offers to its customers the services of money transfer on the whole territory of Serbia, through payment and out-payment of money orders. You can transfer the money by using Postal money order or PostNet money order. You can pay in the money in any post office, and we will pay out the money to the remittee, on his address or on the counter, according to your choice.

Multiple advantages of sending money this way:

  • simple procedure for sending and collecting money
  • fast and reliable money transfer
  • accessible services to customers on the whole territory of Serbia;
  • conveniences of out-payment at home address;
  • monitoring of the money order status via Internet or by using Call centres.

PostNet money order  

It represents the fastest way of sending money to privet persons on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The advantages of PostNet money order are numerous:

  • fastest out-payment of money to remittees
  • remittee is able to use the money right after the money is being remitted
  • payment is done at the post office
  • Post of Serbia sends an SMS massage to the remittee to inform him about the payment. SMS massage contains the number of money order and information that the remittee can withdraw money at any post office counter. SMS notification service is free of charge.
  • You can obtain information on the status of the money order by calling the Call centre 011 3607 500, on our website or by sending an SMS massage on the number 2377 as follows: PUSTA(space) number of the PostNeT money order
  • You can check the possibility of out-payment at the wanted address here.

Postal money order

It enables you to send money to the remittee at any address in Serbia.. The advantages of this service are:

  • Fast, easy and reliable remittance;
  • short deadlines for out-payment and out-payment at the address
  • Money is available in every post office in case the postman didn’t find you at home;
  • Sending notification to client's address;
  • Safety – the information is sent electronically, so there is no possibility that money order gets damaged or lost.
  • Informational privacy. Notification about the money order has no information about the remittance amount.

PostCash ‒ International Money Transfer

Simple, fast, and safe.

PostCash ‒ International money transfer is a service of sending and receiving money via international money orders to and from France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Qatar.

Sending/receiving of money is performed in dinars, in accordance with the exchange rate applied by the PE Post of Serbia (Exchange rate).

Exchange Rate List on 24.04.2019
Currency number Name of the country Currency code Parity Exchange rate
Buying Selling
978 EMU EUR 1 117,2256 118,35
840 USA USD 1 102,10 105,40
643 RUSSIAN FEDERATION RUB 1 1,5761 1,7247


The customer can send multiple money orders.

Main characteristics of the PostCash service

  • Simplicity
    • requires only a valid ID;
    • no filling out the forms;
    • no additional documentation;
    • no obligation to open a bank account.
  • Availability
    • available in more than 1,200 post offices in Serbia – list of post offices;
    • exceptionally favourable prices for sending money - pricelist;
    • the fee is paid exclusively by the sender, upon sending;
    • in neighbouring countries, money is available for outpayment in only 30 minutes.
  • Safety
    • protected information network
    • direct connection with postal administrations

For further information on prices, transfer time limits, outpayment currencies, limits for sending and receiving, additional services, as well as necessary data for outpayment, please select a country:

Conditions for provision of services

Services for business customers

Money transfer in Serbia

Postal money order

It is possible to send a money order electronically or from a post office. Electronic transfer service requires an agreement with the Post. The users who decide to send money order electronically, can find a form document for electronic money order, fill in necessary information and send it to an e-mail address Business customers can also find this form and fill it in on the counter in a post office.


  • short deadlines for out-payment. Out-payment of money orders is realized through the first following regular delivery
  • choice of way of out-payment to the end user (defined in the contract) to the address or on the counter at any post office
  • information on the money order status based on its number is available by calling Call centre on 011 3607 500 or on our website

Appliance of address cod, which is a necessary part of a remittee's address, allows absolute reliability of deliverance in a short time. More information about the address cod is available on our web site or you can call our Call centre 0700 100 300.

More information about the conveyance and delivery to your home address is available here.


Pricelist for money transfer in Serbia

Pricelist for PostCash service – International money transfer


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