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  November 20th, 2018.

Payment operations

PE Post of Serbia is a leader among organizations offering payment operations in our country and makes one of most significant factors in the financial services market.
We have such a good position because of our extensive network, numerous and diverse services that we provide to legal, and natural persons, as well as cooperation with financial institutions and other companies.


Payments with the Order for payment

You can make cash payments at the post office counters with the Order for payment (taxes and various fees, tuition, child care centers and other obligations). Payment with the Order for payment at post office counters received on working days up to 4 p.m. are realized the same day.
Payment could be made with the postman during delivery, if the amount per account or order for payment does not exceed 10,000.00 dinars.

Payment of bills

At the post office counters you can make payments of public utilities, telephone, electricity and other, per original bills issued by legal persons who have concluded a Contract on collecting of bills with the Post of Serbia.

ON LINE e-credit for pre-paid mobile phone users

You can pay e-credit for pre-paid mobile phone operators:

  • "MTS-Telekom" (from 200 to 90.000 dinars),
  • "Telenor" (from 200 to 5.000 dinars),
  • "Vip mobile" (from 200 to 5.000 dinars).

There is no commission for the service of e-credit.

You receive notification on the paid e-credit via SMS massage.

Some of payment services could be done on ATM of the Post of Serbia.

PostFin payment

PostFin payment is a service of the Post which represents fast and simple way of payment for your internet purchase order, if the web site offers this kind of payment.

  • Realization is on-line
  • Without filling-in the forms
  • About 4.000 payment posts

The customer needs to tell the clerk at the post office counter the PostFin number and the amount of the payment (for example: PF012345678 , 1,000.00 dinars).
This number is easy to notice because it always starts with letters PF.
PostFin uniquely identifies your purchase and it is important to accurately note it during the purchase on the web site.

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Pricelist for payment operations services.

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