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  November 20th, 2018.

Payment operations

Post of Serbia is a leader among organizations offering payment operations in our country and makes one of most significant stakeholders in the financial services market.
We have such a good position because of our extensive network, numerous and diverse services that we provide to legal, and natural persons, as well as cooperation with financial institutions and other companies.


In-payment of daily receipts

Legal persons can pay their daily receipts, in cash or bank cheques, in post offices. This service is charged according to the pricelist or the agreed price with the commercial discount with the option of periodical invoicing based on the terms of the signed contract.
For daily receipts paid in by 4:00 p.m. on working days, the transfer of funds to the holder's account is done on the same day.
For legal persons that pay their daily receipts to the current account of the ProCredit Bank, Post does not charge the commission.
Depending on the needs of the user and on organizational possibilities, the Post of Serbia offers special service Reception of daily receipts at the address of the user.
For more information, please contact us via e-mail

Payment of bills and electronic transfer of data

At the post office counters you can also make payment of public utilities, telephone, electricity and other original bills issued by legal persons who have concluded a Contract on collecting of bills with the Post of Serbia.

Post of Serbia offers a complete service of payment of bills for natural persons, which includes payment at the post office counter as well as telecommunication (electronic) transfer of data on all collected bills, which is necessary for the recording of paid liabilities.

Service of payment of bills is done based on the Contract on business cooperation, which defines in more details terms and prices of the service.
For more information, please contact us via e-mail

PostFin payment

Post of Serbia offers its new service PostFin payment to the web site owners who want to expend possibilities of payment and speed up the process of interaction with their users.

In this way, web site owners allow their users to purchase goods and services via the Internet without the need to own credit cards or bank accounts, because this service provides payments through highly available network (over 4000 post offices), information on the realisation of the payment is very fast (on-line transaction), the user doesn’t have to fill in the forms, immediately after the payment the users can use the goods / services / coupon ...

PostFin payment inspires users’ confidence in buying on the internet market and enables them one side to be active and involved in Internet shopping and on the other hand gives them security because the payment transaction are done through the Post.

Web site owners who use PostFin system of the Post have multiple benefits: daily transfer of paid funds, on-line information about the payment, faster realization of sales, the possibility of organizing the delivery with ordinary or Post Express courier service, in case of delivery of goods, documents and etc.

PostFin payment is intended for modern and turbulent environment considering that it saves Your time and enables You to optimise material recourses because a large network is always available to You and Your users.


Pricelist for payment operations services.

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