PE Post of Serbia

  December 13th, 2017.

Traditional Contest for the Children

Nearly twenty thousand children sent a letter to Santa Claus

The contest "Write a letter to Santa Claus"

The contest "Write a letter to Santa Claus"

Nearly twenty thousand kids from all around Serbia, up to ten years of age, responded to the contest of the PE Post of Serbia, Write to Santa Claus.

The most creative authors received their awards at the exhibition of children’s letters, at the celebration held on 24 December 2016 in Belgrade on the premises of the Post of Serbia.

In individual competition, Katarina Nikić from Zrenjanin won the first prize, Petar Milenković from Knjaževac the second, and Anja Milanović from Ljubovija won the third prize.

The first prize in the collective creativity was awarded to the children from the Neven Preschool (Small School Group) from Belgrade, the second prize won the children from the Poletarac Preschool Institution, Odžaci, and the third place was more than deserved by the children from „Čuvari osmeha” („Smile Keepers”) Preschool, „Leptirići” („Little Butterflies”) Group from Sivac.

As initiated by Mira Petrović, Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia, letters of thanks were sent to all those who have written to Santa Claus.

The Post of Serbia has organised this contest for the fourteenth time in a row, and it lasted from 3 November till 3 December 2016. Apart from stimulating the kids to learn and develop their creativity through playing, the Post also aimed to introduce children into the world of growing-up, through letters, writing culture and literacy. This year again, the children confirmed their limitless creativity, imagination and wit in their works, in words, lines and colours.