PE Post of Serbia

  November 20th, 2018.

Traditional prize contest for the youngest

„Write to Santa Claus”

Prize contest „Write to Santa Claus"

Prize contest „Write to Santa Claus"

In the spirit of socially responsible practice, the Post of Serbia, this year, on the eve of the most beautiful winter holidays, invites children to the adventure of writing to Santa Claus, with the desire to bring them into the world of growing up through letters, culture of writing and literacy, along with a message to nurture true values and not to neglect their imaginative and creative potential even when they reach the adult world.

The prize contest “Write to Santa Claus“ is organized for the 16th time and girls and boys up to ten years of age have the right to participate.

Individual or group works, by choice - drawings, verses, stories, messages, greeting cards, wishes and the like - should be put in an envelope and sent from November 3 to December 3 to the following address: PO Box 900, 11000 Belgrade 6, New Year's Contest "Write to Santa Claus".

For individual works, it is obligatory to indicate the name and surname of the author, year, address and contact telephone, while for group work it is necessary to indicate the name of the institution, school or kindergarten, department or educational group, the number of children who participated in the creation of the work and the teacher's contact telephone.

Girls and boys, we are eagerly waiting for your letters, which we will examine together with Santa Claus, because our postmen know his address well.

We will give beautiful presents to the most successful achievements in individual and collective creativity.