PE Post of Serbia

  January 19th, 2018.


Information on a Enterprise

PE Post of Serbia,
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403

Register insert number: 1-23306-00, Commercial Court in Belgrade
Account Number: 160-800-04, Banca Intesa, Belgrade
PIN: 100002803
Identification number: 07461429

Company profile

Company profile 2015


Vision – Corporately responsible and economically efficient Company that is constantly developing, technically and technologically, a leader in the domestic market of postal, financial, and information and communication services.


Mission – Development and provision of high-quality and widely accessible postal, financial, and information and communication services, with economically self-sufficient and internally and externally corporately responsible business operations.

Goals and Strategies

The aspiration of the Enterprise to fulfil its mission and reach its vision is based on key goals and strategies aimed at the realization of the objectives.

Ownership structure and share capital

PE Post of Serbia was founded in 1990. pursuant to Law on communications as a company in charge of PE Post of Serbia services, with state-owned instruments of labor.
In May 1997, pursuant to amandments to the Law on communication systems, our company was organized as a holding – a group of companies comprising PE Post of Serbia and its spin-off subsidiaries. PE Post of Serbia is a mother company within the holding system.
The same year, PE Post of Serbia founded a subsidiary for telecommunications services –Company for telecommunications "Telekom Srbija" A.D.
PE Post of Serbia is one of the founders and shareholders, i.e. stakehoders in: Company for telecommunications "Telekom Srbija" A.D., Postal Savings Bank a.d. a, and in cooperation with them defines its basic business mission primarily concerning improvement of quality of services offered to end users. Share capital of PE Post of Serbia in its subsidiaries.

Statutory bodies

  • Director – the function of the Company`s managerial body. Director is appointed and released by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, according to the procedure stipulated by the Law.
  • Supervisory Board - controls the Company`s business. The Supervisory board numbers 5 members appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, from which one as representative of Company`s employees.

Human resources (a number of employees, HR structure)

In accordance with one of the proclaimed long-term objectives dealing with a re-definition of the human resources policy, the PE Post of Serbia in the last year achieved much in the field of improvement of the educational structure of the employees, and invested additional efforts in the professional advancement and in gaining the new expertise for the provision of new services to the customers, in the environment of the forthcoming liberalisation of the postal market. PE Post of Serbia has 14,868 employees with different educational profiles.