PE Post of Serbia

  November 20th, 2018.

Curriculum Vitae

Boriša Šarenac, MEcon

Born in 1948 in Bileća, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Completed the Secondary School of Economics in Trebinje, and graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade – Department in Priština.

His first employment was with the Federal Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, Processing Chemical Industry Group, Belgrade, as the expert associate and the secretary, to proceed to the General Association of Chemical and Rubber Industry of Yugoslavia, where he advanced to the position of a senior adviser within eight years. Director of ACM INT LLC and ACMER LLC Belgrade since 2004, in 2010 came to a managerial position with BIO ENERGY POINT LLC Belgrade.

Holder of the Expert Diploma – Certification and Expertise of Industrial Products in the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce, and of several professional certificates. A laureate of many awards and prizes for successful engagement in the Federal Chamber of Commerce, Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and the General Association of Chemical and Rubber Industry of Yugoslavia.

Speaks Russian and some English.

He is married and has two children.