PE Post of Serbia

  January 22nd, 2018.


Year 2015

Special plaque for 175 years of successful business

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia awarded a special plaque to PE Post of Serbia for 175 years of successful business, and all participants of round table of NIN Focus group “Business, restructuring and investment in public sector” praised the impressive results of the Post achieved by operating in the market environment and by market laws, standing out as a referential system in public sector.

Post of Serbia – favourite domestic brand

Post of Serbia is a winner of a prestigious award “My choice” for favourite domestic brand in year 2015, in the category - transport of goods and passengers.

This is the only award in Serbia, which is granted solely on the basis of the votes of consumers, who are able to choose among 195 of best domestic products and brands, grouped in 19 categories. Ballot included 2,010 participants in 14 towns in Serbia, and the Post won in a strong competition of big domestic companies Air Serbia and “Lasta”.

Year 2014

Best European postal stamp

The Post of Serbia received a special international award for the best European postal stamp chosen by the Association of the Public Postal Operators “PostEurope”.

In the competition of 49 countries, special issue stamp titled “EUROPE - National Musical Instruments”, showing the picture of the Serbian bagpipes, with the player of bagpipes and the motive of Stara mountain got the greatest number of on-line votes and won the First prize – “Golden Stamp for 2014”.

The author of the conceptual idea is an academic sculptor and a graphic Nadežda Skočajić, the creator of stamps for the Post of Serbia.

Year 2013

Award from the Fund for the quality of the Universal Postal Union

Post of Serbia is the winner of the award for AMQM – Enlargement of the system for automatic quality measurement– as the best implemented project financed by the Fund for the quality of the Universal Postal Union since 2007.

Transfer time of the test-letter, including the transponder, is recorded through RFID equipment and Post of Serbia in an absolute leader of this segment in the region.

The best management of the project “Translation of address to address code”

During the Open Day of the Fund for the quality of the Universal Postal Union, held in Bern, our Company was awarded the prize for the best management of the project “Translation of address to address code“. The Board of Trustee of the Fund for the quality of the UPU awards the best realized projects, based on the results of the review of projects that have been implemented over the past year.