PE Post of Serbia

  May 25th, 2019.


Mira Petrović, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia

Mirjana Predojević, Executive Director

Vladimir Dimitrijević, PhD, Executive Director

Goran Đerić, Executive Director

Nela Bojović, Head of Director’s Office

Dušan Dinić, Director of IT, e-communications and Development Function

Rajko Baralić, Director of Internal Audit Accompanying Function

Nataša Dimitrijević, Director of Legal Operations and Immovables Management Function

Bojana Nikolić, Director of Services Function

Srđan Jovanović, Director of Postal Network Function

Veselinka Totić, Director of Economic Operations and Procurement Function

Gordana Simonović Živković, Director of HR Management and Corporate Responsibility Function

Mirjana Rafael, Director of Strategy and Business Risk Assessment Accompanying Function

Veljko Subašić, Director of Security and Protection Accompanying Function