PE Post of Serbia

  April 25th, 2019.

Postal Glossary

  • Addressed item
    Addressed item is a postal item with an address of the addressee, where the item should be delivered.
  • Addressee
    Addressee is a legal or a natural person whose name is on the address side of an item and to whom the item is delivered upon sender’s request.
  • Ambulance
    Ambulance (vehicle) was a postal vehicle for the transport of postal items.
  • Ambulance (railway) – travelling post office
    Ambulance (railway) – travelling post office was a postal vehicle for the transport of postal items by railway, a specially designed postal wagon.
  • AR label
    "AR label" is a label for an item with an advice of receipt. This label is put on the address side of a letter or a parcel, and it is written or circled on a accompanied documentation.
  • Avers
    Avers is the front of the banknotes, medals, stamps and philatelic units.
  • Barcode
    Barcode is a machine-readable Universal Product Code. Barcodes are read by scanners that hover over the code and register the Universal Product Code (UPC). A series of vertical bars and empty spaces in between represent numbers of the UPC.
  • Behest (Amanet)
    Behest (testament, obligation) was a postal remittance, money order; book (protocol) were the record of money orders was kept.
  • Behest string
    Behest string (ribbon) is a thready ribbon, usually in the colours of the national flag, which was used to secure all the pages of behest book by stitching the ribbon on all ends and sealed with red wax.
  • Cash Express
    Cash express implies fast outward payment in cash at the address of the holder of current account open with Postal Savings Bank. The service is initiated by calling the telephone number 011/321-0-123. Deadline for the payment is 3 hours or at agreed time.
  • Cash on delivery item
    Cash on delivery item(COD item) is a recorded item delivered to the addressee, who pays the COD amount in favour of the sender of the item.
  • Certificate of posting
    Certificate of posting is a form which is used when insured items, recorded delivery items and registered items are sent. The form contains all the data, that has to be identical as on the item: about the addressee, the value of the item, and any special services required by the sender. He also has to sign the form. The sender keeps the form as a confirmation that the item was sent, and as a proof in case of claims or loss of the item.
  • Claims
    Claims represent a procedure when a customer or other authorized person wants to receive a compensation for the damages and other claims in accordance with the Law.
  • Collection of postal items
    Collection of postal items means taking over the postal items from the customers at the post office, on the address of the sender, from the postal mail boxes, etc…
  • Collective postal mail box
    Collective postal mail box is a mail box which is used for delivery and collection of postal items from those customers who live far away from the populated places, and they are set by the road or on the cross-road, where it is suitable for the customers and postmen.
  • Companion - Surudzija
    Companion (surudzija- Turkish) was the person entitled to follow courier-Tartar on the part of the road from one to the next station (menzulana), take over postal items for his area, submit postal items from his territory to courier-Tartar, provide food and accommodation to the courier, and, if necessary, replace the horse for the courier to take him to the next station (menzulana).
  • Confidential data
    Confidential data refers to the protection of the personal information, confidentiality of the delivered and memorized data and protection of privacy.
  • Consignment
    Consignment (group of items) is a large number of items sent by one sender to one or more addressees.
  • Contact on access (postal contract)
    Contact on access (postal contract) is a contract without a written form, which is considered to be signed when the provider of postal service accept the postal item, and it is used to set rights and obligations of the sender and of the provider.
  • Correspondence
    Correspondence is communications between a sender and an addressee.
  • Delivery of items
    Delivery of items includes delivery of postal items to the addressee or to the other authorized person at the post office, home delivery, delivery to the mail box…
  • Direct mail
    Direct mail consists of identical ads, promotional, marketing and advertising messages, and it is sent to a large number of addresses without any personal correspondence.
    It is a powerful marketing weapon used by each company willing to increase and enhance its sales performance, win over new clients and keep the old ones.
    It can be addressed (the most cost-effective way to address user directly by full name and surname i.e. recipient's name and address) or non-addressed postal item(marketing tool enabling promotion of your products and services and is distributed to a target segment).
  • Dispatch
    Dispatch is a on-time dispatch of the postal items. A dispatch can be made of one or more bags with postal items. There are scheduled, and also unscheduled dispatches that are maid when a large number of items is received.
  • DTS - Droites de tirage speciaux (SDR – Special drawing rights)
    DTS (SDR) stands for special drawing rights. It is a currency used in all countries to express the value of the insured item in international traffic (earlier a golden Franc had the same role).
    PE Post of Serbia issues a list of the countries involved in the international exchange of the insured items and what is the maximum amount in DTS (SDR).
  • Electronic certificate
    Electronic certificate is an electronic document that confirms the connection between data for electronic signature verification and the signatory's identity.
  • Electronic services
    Electronic services are services that include reception, transfer and delivery electronically of all electronically certified postal items.
  • Electronic signature
    Electronic signature is a set of electronic data which is used together with, or it is logically connected to the electronic documents and it is serves as an identification of the signatory.
  • Express Services
    Express Services are postal services with added value that include reception, transport, sorting and delivery of registered items in the shortest term. It is EMS (Express Mail Service) in international traffic and Post Express item in domestic traffic.
  • FDC (First Day Cover)
    FDC (First Day Cover) is a special issue envelope equipped with the appropriate stamp, imprint of a special postal stamp and the accompanying drawings and texts. It is issued on the first day of the release of a stamp, a series of stamps or commemorative blocks.
  • Flats
    Flats are printed matters that are issued daily, occasionally or periodically (newspapers, books and magazines). Open mail item containing books, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brochures, prospects, adds, pricelists, flight schedules, address books, calendars, statistics reports and other printed matters, but also bills, purchase order, dispatch note, payment orders, magnetic media, CDs, etc. Flats have a special mark "Tiskovina" or "Imprime". Dimensions of flats correspond to those of a letter. They can weigh up to 5 kg in domestic traffic and up to 2 kg in international traffic.
  • Force majeure
    Force majeure includes all events that could not have been foreseen, avoided or eliminated.
  • General conditions for providing the postal services
    General conditions for providing the postal service are conditions under which the postal operator provides postal service.
  • Home Mailbox
    Home Mailbox is a mean of postal network used for the delivery of letters to the addressee.
  • Item with a return receipt
    Item with a return receipt is an item for which the sender, after it has been delivered, receives a document "Return receipt", containing information about the delivery and the signature of the addressee.
  • Item with the indicated value
    Item with the indicated value can be insured item, post express item or parcel where the sender indicates the value of the content.
  • Judicial letter
    Judicial letter is a letter which contains court documents and documents in the administrative and misdemeanour proceedings, such as summons, solutions, decisions, conclusions and other official documents sent by the courts, public prosecution, authorities for violations, military establishments and other public authorities, when acting in such proceedings.
  • Letter
    Letter is every written statement in a closed cover (envelope), and any other item which, in terms of size and weight, complies with the conditions for the letter, even if it does not contain a written statement.
    Letter can weigh up to 2 kg. Its minimum dimensions are 140mm × 90mm, and sum of its length, width and height must not exceed 900mm, while the greatest of all such dimensions may not be over 600mm.
    If a letter is cylindrical, its length and two diameters must not exceed 1040mm, while the greatest of all such dimensions must not exceed 900mm. The sum of its length and two diameters of such a letter cannot be less than 170mm, in which case minimum length cannot be less than 100mm.
    You may hand over your letters in any post office, or if you don’t have any special service request and you have a correct stamp, you can put your letter in a mail box.
  • Letterpost items
    Letterpost items include: correspondence, flats, goods and other items. Most frequently those are letters, postcards, flats, direct addressed mail, electronic mail, mail for the blind.
  • "M" bag
    "M" bags are flats sent in bulk by the same sender to the same addressee in the international traffic, and they can be put in one or more bags. The lowest weight of an "M" bag is 2kg, and the highest is 30kg.
  • Machine for labelling the postage (Franking machine)
    Machine for labelling the postage (Franking machine) is a computer or other device which puts an imprint instead of the postage stamp, as a proof of postage paid.
  • Mail for the blind
    Mail for the blind includes correspondence, literature in any form, including sound recordings intended solely for the needs of blind and visually impaired people, as well as equipment and materials of any kind designed or adapted to overcome the problem of blindness.
    These items have a mark on the address side "Sekogram". Its dimensions correspond to those of a letter, weighing up to 7 kg.
    In solidarity with the blind, the postage is free of charge.
  • Menzulana - Station
    Menzulana (rarely mezulana, mezilana) was a station on the road were the horsemen couriers – Tartars were passing. After the organization of the regular postal traffic in Serbia, they became stationary postal units.
  • Non-reserved postal services
    Non-reserved postal services include universal postal services that exceed determined limits in mass and/or price for reserved service and all other postal services, including the value added services.
  • Office of exchange
    Office of exchange is an office that provides the service of collection and dispatch of the international mail.
  • Paid-reply mail
    Paid-reply mail is a service intended for legal persons sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses and expecting response from the recipients. In order to use this service it is necessary to open a P.O. box in any delivery post offices where recipients' paid replies will arrive.
  • Parcel
    Parcel is a closed items with or without an indicated value, which usually contain goods and other objects, but it can also contain a written note. Sum of its length and perimeter measured across the widest point may not exceed 3000mm, and the largest dimensions may not exceed 1500mm. Parcels may weigh up to 31,5 kg. Parcels weighing over 20 kg could be sent only from certain post offices or from customer’s business premises upon agreed conditions.
  • Parcel address label
    Parcel address label is a form filled in when handing over the parcel for the transport in domestic traffic. Address label follows the parcel and it contains basic data on the sender and the addressee, as well as the weight and special services if required. The parcel in international traffic is followed by a dispatch note and customs declaration.
  • Philately
    Philately is collection, keeping, studying and exhibition of postage stamps and other philately items.
  • PO Box
    PO Box represents a certain place at the post office used for a delivery to customers who have chosen such a way of delivery.
  • Postage
    Postage is a price paid by a customer for the postal service. Postage for the transfer of items does not include postage per value.
  • Postage stamp
    Postage stamp is a postal paper of value; it is a mean of payment for postal services.
  • Postal address code (PAC)
    Postal address code is a set of numbers which determine the smallest, indivisible part of the territory of the Republic of Serbia where the postal item is addressed to.
  • Postal Date-Stamp
    Postal Date-Stamp is used by all the posts, and its shape, size, way of production and its material, and data are determined by Technical conditions. Every post has at least one date-stamp, which is used for stamping, i.e. marking the items, money orders, postal and accounting documents. This stamp contains number and name of the post, the mark of the working place and in the middle there are changeable numbers of date, hours, months and years. A worker who uses the stamp is responsible for its maintenance.
    Stamps can be regular, special issue, printed, terminal, etc…
  • Postal forwarding services (Postšped)
    Postal forwarding services enables fast and easy clearance procedure in import and export of postal items subject to customs control and foreign currency control. Postal forwarding services has outposts in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad.
  • Postal items
    Postal items include letters, parcels, money orders and other items, with an address on it or some other mark that identifies the addressee.
  • Postal mail box
    Postal mail box is a mail box where customers can put their ordinary mail, and a provider of postal services will deliver them to the addressee.
  • Postal money order
    This service enables a legal or natural person to send money to an addressee (natural person) at any place in Serbia.
  • Postal network
    Postal network consists of postal network unites and resources used by a postal operator who provides postal services.
  • Postal number
    Postal number is a code made of numbers, which stand for or is added to the name of the unite of the postal network. The same postal number cannot be given to two or more post offices. Postal number is a part of an address. Postal number consists of five numbers, and every number has a certain meaning, looking form left to right.
  • Postal operator
    Postal operator is foreign or domestic person who is a direct provider of postal services.
  • Postal services
    Postal services include collection, transfer (sorting and transport) and delivery of postal items.
  • Postal service user
    Postal service user is a natural or legal person who uses a postal service, a sender or an addressee.
  • Postcard
    Postcard is a postal item without envelope that can weigh up to 20 gr. The smallest dimensions of a postcards are 140x90, and the biggest are 120x235mm. For all different postcards the postage will be charged as for the letter.
  • Post Express
    Post Express is a "door-to-door" courier service that enables the fastest and safest transport and delivery of postal items to its customers, within the proscribed and guaranteed time limits. Post Express items are received via courier in a number of places at the address which the user specified when he ordered the service by calling one of these numbers: 011/3-607-607 i 0800/100-808.
  • Post-net money order
    The fastest money transfer service, intended only for natural persons. In-payment can be done at any post office, and out-payment can be done, according to the wish of the sender, at the post office counter or at the indicated address on the delivery area of the authorised post office. The money sent by the PostNet money order shall be available immediately, meaning that the addressee may obtain the sent amount shortly upon effected payment.
  • Post-restant
    "Post-restant" is a label for an item which is not delivered to the home address of the addressee, but to the post office. The label "Post-restant" has to be marked on the address side. These items are kept at the post office up to 30 days.
  • Price list for postal services
    Price list for postal services is the list of the prices for postal services, used by the provider of postal services to charge for the services.
  • Provider of postal services
    Provider of postal services is a person who is authorised to provide postal services by the Law.
  • Public postal network
    Public postal network consist of the postal facilities, equipment and means that are all connected in a unique technical and technological entity that enables the provision of the universal services on the whole territory of the Republic.
  • Public postal operator
    Public postal operator is a provider of postal services who is obliged to provide an universal postal service and has an exclusive right to provide reserved services.
  • Qualified electronic signature
    Qualified electronic signature is an electronic signature which guaranties the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the electronic documents and it enables later abjuration of liabilities for their content.
  • Recorded delivery item
    Recorded delivery item is an item for which the postal service provider issues a certificate of posting to the sender, and addressee receives the item with the confirmation of delivery.
  • Recorded items
    Recorded items are those items that are entered into the register of the postal operator and the customer receives an advice of receipt.
  • Registered letterpost item
    Registered item is a recorded item, without the indicated value, for which the sender receives a certificate of posting to the sender, and addressee receives the item with the confirmation of delivery.
    Registered item is recorded in all phases of postal services, therefore it is possible to track it electronically on our website or by calling your information centre on this number 0700/100-300.
  • Reserved postal services
    Reserved postal services are services which the state guarantees to a postal operator of the universal postal service, as an exclusive right within the limit per weight and price.
  • Restricted item
    Restricted mail item is a special service which implies personal delivery of the item directly to the addressee.
  • Reverse
    Reverse is the back of the banknotes, medals, stamps and philatelic units.
  • Sealing wax
    Sealing wax is an easily fusible red wax used for closing (sealing) the insured postal items.
  • Sender
    Sender is a legal or natural person who sends postal item and who bears all the rights and liabilities from the contract, until the item is delivered to an addressee.
  • Signet
    Signet is a specially shaped metal block with a handle (or on a ring) with engraved sign, letter, or other symbol; used for sealing letters and other documents; forerunner of today's postal stamp.
  • Special conditions for providing postal service
    Special conditions for providing postal service are the conditions of a postal operator that are in accordance with the acts and international standards and they are publicly announced.
  • Special postal services
    Special postal services are those services requested by the sender for a special procedure related to the transport and delivery of the item.
  • Storage fee
    Storage fee is amount that the addressee of the letter or parcel pays for the days that the item spent in the post office because he didn’t come to pick the item up, although he was notified with an advice of receipt.
  • T&T (track&trace)
    T&T (track&trace) is an IT tool for tracking postal items. This enables the customer to know the status of its item, if this service is envisaged for the item.
  • Tariff rate
    Tariff rate is pre-determined category of postal items for which the postal operator determines the price.
  • Trademark (identification sign)
    Trademark is a graphic symbol and/or a set of characters which identifies certain postal operator in a unique way.
  • T stamp (insufficient postage)
    If there is a "T" stamp in the up right corner on the address side of the item, it means that the postage is not fully paid.
  • Unit of the postal network (post office)
    Unit of the postal network (post office) is a place where all the postal services are provided. The unit of the postal network of the public postal operator has to be defined with a name and the postal number.
  • Universal postal service
    Universal postal service is a set of postal services that are constantly provided on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, under the same conditions for all the customers, within the prescribed quality and with accessible prices.
  • Value – added service
    Value – added service are postal services that have special requirements concerning quality and transfer means (place and time of collection and delivery, fast transfer, electronic tracking and tracing of items, etc).
  • Western Union money order
    Western Union is the fastest way to transfer the money from/to abroad. In this way money may be sent to/from over 200 countries all over the world. Post of Serbia offers the Western Union service only in dinars. The fee for services is calculated according to the price list of Western Union and it is paid only by the sender.