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  September 20th, 2017.

Money transactions – Abroad - International postal money order


International postal money order – new service for sending and receiving money from France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina – Federation) and Croatia.

Sending /receiving of money is done in dinars at the exchange rate of P.E. Post of Serbia for foreign currencies (Exchange rate).

Exchange Rate List on 20.09.2017
Currency number Name of the country Currency code Parity Exchange rate
Buying Selling
978 EMU EUR 1 117,7500 119,2500
840 USA USD 1 96,0600 99,9500
643 RUSSIAN FEDERATION RUB 1 1,6267 1,7801


Main characteristics of the international postal money orders

  • simple
    • only a valid ID is necessary
    • without filling in the forms
    • without additional documentation
    • without the obligation to open a bank account
  • accessible
    • available in more than 1,200 post offices – list of post offices
    • very favourable prices for money transfer - pricelist
    • only the sender pays the fee, upon sending
  • safe money transfer
    • protected information network
    • direct connection with postal administrations

For information about the prices, transfer deadlines, payment currencies, limits for sending and receiving, additional services, as well as the necessary data for the out-payment, select a country:

Conditions for provision of services


Pricelist for postal money orders in the international postal traffic


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