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  April 25th, 2019.

Parcel services
– Domestic traffic - Natural persons

Parcel services imply conveyance of closed items (parcels) with a designated value and registered receipt number, which usually contain goods and other objects. Parcels may be mailed in domestic and international postal traffic.


Conditions for parcel mailing:

Weight: Post offices receive parcels weighing up to 31,5 kg in domestic traffic.

Value: Parcel value must be indicated on the "Parcel address label" form, which is to be inserted in a self-adhesive pocket on the address side and which accompanies the parcel from its receipt to its delivery.

Dimensions: Smallest dimensions of the address side are 90mm * 140mm. Sum of its length and perimeter measured across the widest point may not exceed 3000 mm, and the largest dimensions may not exceed 1500 mm, unless it is a bulky parcel. Bulky parcel is each parcel whose dimensions are bigger than the listed ones, as well as the one that due to its size and structure cannot be packed and delivered with the other parcels. Every bulky parcel has to be received with the special service "Special handling item".

Addressing: Each parcel has to contain full addresses of its sender and recipient. Addresses of sender and recipient are written on Parcel address label.

Prohibited contents: The company can not receive and transfer parcels containing explosive and flammable materials, drugs, live animals, coins, bank notes, any securities maid out to bearer, travellers' checks, platinum, gold or silver, jewellery, precious stones and other valuable items, and correspondence exchanged between persons other than the sender or addressee or persons living with them, except for archival material. It is forbidden to send other goods and items whose transfer is prohibited by regulation.

Packaging: Package has to suit parcel's weight, shape, content, size and designated value. Sender is responsible for the proper packaging of the content and closure of the parcel. Sender is responsible to protect his parcel from damage by adequate package. A parcel may be packed in wrapping, box, case or bag, and shall be, if possible, cross-tied with a rope of adequate strength. Special package-related regulations are defined for packages containing fragile materials, liquid, powder, meltable materials.

Our users may hand over their parcels of various contents in any post office and ask for any special and additional service that add to convenience and quality of this service.

Special parcel services

Special parcel services are those that, when chosen at handover in post office, involve a special treatment of parcels during their conveyance.

  • COD parcel is a service by which the sender asks that the parcel be delivered to recipient with prior collection of payment to the sender's benefit. Special service of sending a COD parcel, as a sort of redemption document, should be indicated on the Parcel address label.
  • Parcel with return receipt is a parcel of which the delivery is confirmed by the recipient on a part of the Parcel address label - "Return receipt", that is afterwards returned and delivered to the sender.
  • Special handling parcel is a service that enables you to protect your parcel with content requiring special care during conveyance. Such parcel must be indicated as "Fragile", "Glass" and so on.
  • Restricted parcel is a special service by which you demand that your parcel be delivered solely to the recipient. Such parcel shall be indicated as "Personal delivery".

Parcel services

As a sender and/or recipient of a parcel you may use, according to your needs, any of our additional services.

Services on sender's request
  • Delivery of parcels (in the territory where delivery is organized)
  • Redirection of parcels to a new address
  • Returning parcels from the receiving post office before dispatching
  • Inquiry of parcels
  • Issuing of additional advice of parcel reception
  • Issuing of additional proof or certified copy of parcel delivery
  • Parcel packaging and addressing and form filling

Services on recipient's request
  • Safe-keeping parcels in post office for up to 30 days
  • Delivery of parcels
  • Redirection of parcels to a new address
  • Use of post office box
  • Delivery of a "post restante" parcel to the address of the recipient
  • Delivery of parcels to recipient in person
  • Issuing of additional proof or certified copy of parcel delivery

Services as per official responsibilities
  • storage of parcels for delivery – storage charges
  • repackaging the content of the package with damaged contents and making the Minutes of a defect of the item
  • return of undelivered parcels
  • reception and keeping record on power of attorney

Value-added services
  • SMS Notification

How to address your parcels properly

Parcel addressing is done on the form Parcel Label. Parcel Label could be filled in by the sender of by the post office employee.

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Time limits

Parcels will be transported and delivered in the following time limits:

  • two working days - in the local delivery area
  • three working days – in a rural delivery area
  • five working days – in the remote delivery area

The above-mentioned time limits exclude the day of receipt of the item, Saturdays, Sundays, national and religious holidays and other non-working days, if Post of Serbia does not deliver and dispatch mail on such days.

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Price list of parcel services in domestic traffic

Whole price list of postal services and money transactions service in domestic traffic

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For more information about Parcel services, please contact the appropriate organisational unit within the Services Function.

PE Post of Serbia
Services Function
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403

Contact center

0700 100 300 (charged at price of a local call)

Post express - call center

011 3607 607
0800 100 808

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Frequently asked questions


  1. Do I have to hand in an open parcel?
    In domestic traffic, parcels are handed in closed.
  2. How can I pack my parcel?
    You can pack the parcel in your own package (wrapping, box, case or bag) or in original parcel package, for general or special purpose, in different sizes and dimensions, bought in post office.
  3. Do you pack the parcels?
    Among the service of Serbian Post, there is a service of packing of items, or parcels, provided in certain post offices.
  4. Do you have package for bottles?
    Yes, you can buy packages for special purpose, made from three layer cardboard, designed for packing bottles, projects, paintings, calendars.
  5. What dimension can a parcel be?
    Parcel has to fit following dimensions:
    Smallest dimensions of the address side cannot be smaller than the dimensions envisaged for the letter, i.e. 90mm * 140mm.
  6. What is the highest value of a parcel?
    The highest indicated value of a parcel, according to current regulations in domestic traffic is 50,000.00 dinars.
  7. What is the biggest weight of a parcel?
    The biggest weight for the parcel is 31,5kg, and for the agreed terms it can be bigger. The parcel weighing over 20kg are handed over at post offices that have necessary technical capabilities.
  8. Parcel contents

  9. Can I send money within the parcel?
    No, the parcel is closed mail with the indicated value which contain goods and other objects.
  10. Delivery

  11. Will the parcel I am sending be delivered to the receiver to his home address?
    Yes, if the "delivery" to the home address is requested and if such delivery is organized. Here you can see the list of places and towns where the parcel delivery is organized.
  12. What are time limits for delivery of parcel from one town to another?
    Time limit is from 2 to 5 work days, depending whether the destination is in local, rural or remote delivery area.

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