PE Post of Serbia

  December 13th, 2017.

Addressing the letter-post items

Proper addressing of the letter-post item will provide fast and safe delivery of the item to the recipient.

If when addressing the item you provide complete and accurate address information on the address side of the item and enter additional data, depending on the selected letter post service, the Post of Serbia will transfer and deliver your item to the recipient as soon as possible.

Address data

  • Items may contain only one address of a sender and one of a recipient
  • The data that the sender is required to specify when addressing the item, must be indicated one below the other, in the following order:
    • Title, name and surname the of the recipient, or the company name,
    • name and number of the street, sub-number, apartment number or PO Box number, or name and number of military post office or mark „post restant” / „poste restante",
    • name of the settlement (destination),
    • number and name of the delivery post office,
    • postal address code (PAK) in domestic postal traffic,
    • name of the destination country, in international postal traffic.
  • For items that are addressed to „post restante”, PO Box or military post office, the sender is not obliged to specify the postal address code (PAK) of the destination post office.
  • It is not required to enter the sender’s address for the unrecorded items, except in the case of submitting of items by contract or for the items exempt from the payment of postage or part of postage.

With proper addressing of letter-post items you can be informed here.