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  April 25th, 2019.

Letterpost services
– International traffic – Business Customers

As an active participant in the international postal traffic Post of Serbia is developing relations with a vast number of authorised postal operators worldwide, thus making its best efforts to transfer your postal items timely and within the prescribed time-limits.

In case that letter-post items contain goods for customs clearance, they shall be forwarded to the Customs Office to be inspected by the Customs. It is necessary that these items are posted open and they can be accepted only as registered letter-post items.

A legal entity may send samples and advertising material within a letter-post items as well as the goods of commercial character. In that case, the sender fills-in the prescribed number of copies of Custom Declaration form CN 23 and Custom Declaration CN 22.

Along with the items containing the advertising material and samples, the sender (legal entity) also turns in the Statement for import of the advertising material and samples, with proforma invoice attached or some other commercial, official or bookkeeping document. The legal entity may post such items in any post office.

If the sender, a legal person or an authorised agent, is posting items that contain commercial goods, according to the customs regulations he needs to fill in and submit for each item the single administrative document (SAD form).

  1. Postal items posted by legal persons which require that Post represents them in the customs procedure (PostSped), are accepted in all post offices.
  2. Items posted by legal persons together with the SAD form, upon the customs procedure, are accepted in all post offices on the same day as the customs procedure was done.
  3. Postal items posted by legal persons together with the SAD form in order to carry out the customs procedure, are accepted only in customs post office.

Letter items that are not subject to customs inspection contains only:

  • written statement;
  • public documents, commercial correspondence, business records or commercial, legal and financial documents;
  • checks, bills of exchange, bonds, stocks, savings books, payment cards which are issued to bearer and other securities;
  • books, newspapers, magazines whose senders are citizens;
  • printed materials from the field of culture, education and science or the documentation that is sent in accordance with international agreements;
  • documentation related to international tenders and auctions;
  • television, film or otherwise recorded news, as well as images and program segments that would be indirectly transmitted through the mass media;
  • up to two SIM cards for mobile phones;
  • up to two original optic disks (CD, DVD or similar).

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When sending an item abroad, it is very important to check whether the articles you are sending are prohibited to be imported by that destination or transit country.
Here is the list of forbidden and conditionally accepted articles for import or transit through a specific country in the world.


PE Post of Serbia, as a public postal operator, is a provider of postal services with obligation of universal postal service and exclusive right to provide reserved postal services. The reserved postal services, when it comes to letterpost services, include collection and/or transfer and/or delivery of all letterpost items weighing up to 100g and determined limits up to the tripled amount of postage for letters of the first weight rate and the fastest transmission as well as legal correspondence regardless of the limits.

Types of letterpost services and their characteristics

Letterpost services include the following:

  • Letter is every written statement in a closed cover (envelope), and any other item which, in terms of size and weight, complies with the conditions for the letter, even if it does not contain a written statement.
    Cover or package of the letter must ensure inviolability of its content in all phases of postal services. Exceptionally, letterpost item can be received in an open envelope if it contains a greeting card or postcard.
    A letter may weigh up to 2kg, and it must match the following dimensions: the sum of its length, width and height must not exceed 900mm, while the greatest of all such dimensions may not be over 600mm. The minimum dimensions of a letter are 90×140mm.
    If a letter is cylindrical, largest dimension corresponds to the sum of length and two diameters up to 1,040mm, while the greatest of all dimensions may not exceed 900mm. The minimum dimensions of a cylindrical letter corresponds to the sum of its length and two diameters at the minimum 170mm, in which case the letter’s length may be minimum 100mm.
  • Postcard is an open mail item, without cover (envelope) weighing up to 20g. It is made of hard cardboard or paper in the shape of a rectangle and it cannot have bulging or protruding parts.
    Its minimum dimensions of postcard are 140×90mm, and maximum 120×235mm. Postcards are considered to be all types of picture postcards whose dimensions correspond to those of a postcard.
    A postcard not complying with the above specifications is charged as a letter.
  • Flats or printed matter are open letter post items that contain books, newspapers, magazines and other printed material that do not have the nature of personal correspondence and are printed in numerous identical copies on paper, cardboard or other material.
    Flats can also contain bills, purchase order, dispatch note, payment orders, magnetic media, CDs, etc. relating to the contents of the item and they make its integral part. Flats may include dedication.
    Flats can weigh up to 2 kg in international postal traffic, and exceptionally up to 5 kg, provided that the postal operator of the destination country accepts items of that weight.
    Dimensions of a flat correspond to those of a letter.
  • M bag is a letterpost item in the international traffic which is sent by the same sender to the same addressee, and it contains flats.
    The lowest weight of a M bag is 2kg, and the highest is 30kg. Name of the recipient must be indicate on the address label made of cardboard or appropriate material with dimensions 90 x 140 mm. The address of the recipient is indicated on every bundle of flats placed in a separate bag, like on the address label. The sender shall allow the post office employee to inspect the content of the bag.
  • Cecogram or mail for the blind includes correspondence, literature in any form, including sound recordings intended solely for the needs of blind and visually impaired people, as well as equipment and materials of any kind designed or adapted to overcome the problem of blindness.
    Cecogram may weigh up to 7kg and have dimensions corresponding to those of a letter. Cecograms are, both in domestic and in international postal traffic, postage free , except for the postage for special service – airmail item.

Special services for letterpost items

Most frequently requested special services when posting the letterpost items in international postal traffic are:

  • Registered letterpost item is a recorded item, without the indicated value, for which the sender receives a receipt when posting it, and upon its delivery, the recipient signs a proof of delivery and it is recorded separately at all stages of providing the postal services through bar code contained on the item. All registered letterpost items must have at the top left corner of the address side, below the address of the sender (if there is one) a bar code label marked "R" and the number of the item. Tracking the status of registered item shall be based on the reception number of the item on the company website in the section entitled "Tracking the status of the item" or by calling the information service of the Post of Serbia on the number: 0700 100 300. All letterpost items (letter, postcard, flats or cecogram), could be sent as a registered items. Registered items cannot contain money, securities and other precious items.
  • Insured letter is a closed letterpost item with recorded receipt number and the insured value, for which the sender receives a receipt when posting it, and upon its delivery, the recipient signs a proof of delivery. The insured value, as a rule must correspond to the real value of its contents. The insured letter is recommended if you want to send some valuable objects, documents and securities. Insured letter for the international postal traffic can be handed in only for those countries which accept such a service, under the conditions prescribed by acts of the Universal Postal Union.
  • Letterpost item with return receipt is a postal item for which the sender requests written confirmation of the delivery, usually, in the form of „return receipt“, which is returned and delivered to the sender as an unrecorded letterpost item. All postal items for which the sender receives advice of receipt could be sent as items with return receipt.
  • Airmail item is a postal item for which the sender asked to be dispatched by airplane. Registered and insured items are always sent as airmail items, according to Acts of Universal Postal Union. All other letterpost items could be sent as airmail items, and you may post any letterpost item and thus the users of postal services are presented with the advantage of transfer and delivery of those items to the destination country.
  • Paid-reply mail is an item which contains a paid reply. Paid reply is a letterpost item (letter or a postcard) for which the sender is not paying the postage and which in international postal traffic bears a mark “IBRS/CCRI“.
    This service is intended for business customers who are sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses and expecting response from the recipients.
  • Consignment (group of items) is a service in international postal traffic, which offers possibility to send large number of items by one sender to one or more recipients. Conditions for performing this service are regulated by a bilateral agreement between the Company and the concerned postal operator designated by the Member States of the Universal Postal Union, in accordance with the acts of the Universal Postal Union.

Services per sender’s/addressee’s request and automatically provided services relating to the letter post services in international postal traffic

Range of services of the Enterprise is completed by the following services: Services per sender’s request, per addressee’s request and per sender’s and addressee’s request.

Services per sender’s request

  • returning items from the receiving post office, before dispatch;
  • inquiries for recorded items;
  • issuing additional proof of receipt;
  • packaging and addressing of items and filling-in the forms;
  • redirecting recorded items to a new address, except for the court letters;
  • changing the address on items for international postal traffic.

Services per addressee’s request

  • redirecting postal items, except for the court letters to a new address;
  • using the PO boxes;
  • re-delivered postal items in domestic and international postal traffic;
  • keeping postal items, except for the court letters, in the post office outside of time limits, up to 30 days.

Services per sender’s and addressee’s request

  • issuing receipt or certified copy which refers to the delivery of a recorded item.

Services provided automatically

Services connected to postal items which the Enterprise provides without the request of sender of addressee, when it comes to letter post services in international postal traffic are the following:

  • returning the undelivered items;
  • receipt and recording of power of attorney;
  • re-packing of items with damaged content and making of Minutes on irregularity of item
  • storage of items until collection (storage fee), according to the determined time limits;
  • submitting items for stamping or to the authorised bodies for control;
  • transfer and delivery of letters or postcards for which the postage is not paid, or it’s insufficient;
  • returning the overpaid postage;
  • submitting items for customs clearance in export and import;
  • notifying recipient or sender that he needs to submit necessary or missing documents for customs clearance.

Correct addressing of letterpost items

Delivery standards for priority letterpost items

Delivery time limits for letterpost items

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Price-list of letterpost services in international postal traffic – business customers

Complete price-list of postal services in international postal traffic

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Depending on the territory in which you are located, please contact the relevant organizational entity or the Services Function if you need further details on letterpost services.

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