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  April 25th, 2019.


For ensuring better cooperation, PE Post of Serbia is offering special benefits to the business customers, set forth in the agreements on business cooperation and based on the applicable price-list of postal services, if they: hand in certain amount of letterpost items, sort the items and use the Postal Address Code (PAC) when addressing the items.

Considering the experience in letterpost services of almost two centuries, we provide a quick, safe and reliable transfer of postal items to any destination in the country and abroad.

Our customers have at their disposal a powerful and extensive postal network consisting of postal centres, numerous unites of postal network, i.e. post offices, mailboxes, PO boxes and delivery areas.


Types of letterpost services and their characteristics

Letterpost services include the following:

  • Letter is every written statement in a closed cover (envelope), and any other item which, in terms of size and weight, complies with the conditions for the letter, even if it does not contain a written statement.
    Cover or package of the letter must ensure inviolability of its content in all phases of postal services. Exceptionally, letterpost item can be received in an open envelope if it contains a greeting card or postcard.
    A letter may weigh up to 2kg, and it must match the following dimensions: the sum of its length, width and height must not exceed 900mm, while the greatest of all such dimensions may not be over 600mm. The minimum dimensions of a letter are 90×140mm.
    If a letter is cylindrical, largest dimension corresponds to the sum of length and two diameters up to 1,040mm, while the greatest of all dimensions may not exceed 900mm. The minimum dimensions of a cylindrical letter corresponds to the sum of its length and two diameters at the minimum 170mm, in which case the letter’s length may be minimum 100mm.
  • Postcard is an open mail item, without cover (envelope) weighing up to 20g.
    It is made of hard cardboard or paper in the shape of a rectangle and it cannot have bulging or protruding parts.
    Its minimum dimensions of postcard are 140×90mm, and maximum 120×235mm. Postcards are considered to be all types of picture postcards whose dimensions correspond to those of a postcard.
    A postcard not complying with the above specifications is charged as a letter.
  • Flats or printed matter are open letter post items that contain books, newspapers, magazines and other printed material that do not have the nature of personal correspondence and are printed in numerous identical copies on paper, cardboard or other material.
    Flats can also contain bills, purchase order, dispatch note, payment orders, magnetic media, CDs, etc. relating to the contents of the item and they make its integral part. Flats may include dedication.
    Flats can weigh up to 5 kg in domestic postal traffic, , and only based on a signed contract, flats can be up to 10 kg. Dimensions of a flat correspond to those of a letter.
  • Cecogram or mail for the blind includes correspondence, literature in any form, including sound recordings intended solely for the needs of blind and visually impaired people, as well as equipment and materials of any kind designed or adapted to overcome the problem of blindness.
    Cecogram may weigh up to 7kg and have dimensions corresponding to those of a letter.
    In domestic postal traffic cecograms are postage free.
  • Addressed direct mail Addressed direct mail is a letterpost item which contains identical promotional, marketing and advertising messages which are sent to a large number of recipients and it dose not have the character of personal correspondence. Addressed direct mail can weight up to 1 kg, with dimensions prescribed for letter and they must be addressed to at least 100 different addresses per one sending. Bills, invoices, financial balances, business correspondence, personal correspondence, bank reports are not considered as addressed direct mail. Addressed direct mail items are accepted according to the signed contract.

Special services that the sender can choose when posting a letterpost item

Special services imply services where the sender when posting the item can request special handling of that item in all or certain phases of postal services. Letterpost items with requested special service are usually also recorded items (with recorded number of reception). For all recorded items it is mandatory for sender to indicate his address, unless it is marked “for competition”, “for bidding” and etc.

Most frequently requested special services when submitting the letter-post items are:

  • Registered letterpost item is a recorded item, without the indicated value, for which the sender receives a receipt when posting it, and upon its delivery, the recipient signs a proof of delivery and it is recorded separately at all stages of providing the postal services through bar code contained on the item. All registered letterpost items must have at the top left corner of the address side, below the address of the sender (if there is one) a bar code label marked "R" and the number of the item. Tracking the status of registered item shall be based on the reception number of the item on the company website in the section entitled "Tracking the status of the item" or by calling the information service of the Post of Serbia on the number: 0700 100 300.
    All letterpost items (letter, postcard, flats or cecogram), except for the addressed direct mail in domestic postal traffic, could be sent as a registered items. Registered items cannot contain money, securities and other precious items.
  • Letterpost item with insured value - insured letter is a recorded letterpost item, insured up to the amount of its insured value, indicated by the sender. The insured value, as a rule must correspond to the real value of its contents, or to the importance of the item to the sender, but it is allowed to indicate only a part of its value. The insured letter is recommended if you want to send some valuable objects, documents and securities.
  • COD (Cash on Delivery) letter is a recorded letterpost item with insured value, which is delivered to its recipient upon collection of the COD amount on behalf of its sender.
  • Letterpost item with a return receipt is an item for which the sender requests a written confirmation of delivery, on a form "Return receipt", which is sent back to the sender as an ordinary letter post item. Registered postal items, insured items and recorded delivery items may be posted as postal items with return receipt.
  • Judicial letter is a letter which contains court documents and documents in the administrative and misdemeanour proceedings, such as summons, solutions, decisions, conclusions and other official documents sent by the courts, public prosecution, authorities for violations, military establishments and other public authorities, when acting in such proceedings. Judicial letters are letter post items with special service and they are mainly transferred as registered letters with a return receipt. Judicial letters can not be addressed to poste restante, except in the case of a court order, and they are delivered in accordance with a special act of the Enterprise regulating the delivery of these letters.
  • Paid-reply mail is an item which contains a paid reply which can be in form of a letter or a postcard.
    Weight of paid reply in domestic postal traffic cannot be more than 250 g.
    This service is intended for business customers who are sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses and expecting response from the recipients. The response as a „Paid reply“ item is accepted without paying postage, and the customer who performed their distribution pays postage only for the returned responses.
    In order to use the Paid reply service, it is necessary to sign a contract.
  • Recorded delivery item is a recorded letter in domestic postal traffic, without the indicated value, for which the sender receives a receipt when posting it, and upon its delivery, the recipient signs a proof of delivery. All recorded delivery items must have at the top left corner of the address side, below the address of the sender (if there is one) a bar code label marked “A“ with the number of the item. This kind of item is recorded only in the phases of reception and delivery. The user can require this service only for letterpost items, with the possibility of using special services (Personal delivery - LU, Return receipt - AR).
    It is not allowed for this type of items to contain money, securities and other precious items.
  • Item with personal delivery to the recipient is a special service that implies delivery of the item only to its recipient. In domestic postal traffic, just recorded postal items could be sent as items with personal delivery.
    Item with personal delivery to the recipient must have visible written mark “Personal“ or a label with the same mark, in the top left corner of the address side.

Services per sender’s and addressee’s request and automatically provided services relating to the letter post services in domestic postal traffic

Range of services of the Enterprise is completed by the Services per sender’s request, Services per addressee’s request and Services per sender’s and addressee’s request.

Services per sender’s request

  • redirecting recorded items to a new address, except for the court letters;
  • returning items from the receiving post office, before dispatch;
  • inquiries for recorded items;
  • issuing additional proof of receipt;
  • packaging and addressing of items and filling-in the forms.

Services per addressee’s request

  • redirecting postal items, except for the court letters to a new address;
  • keeping postal items, except for the court letters, in the post office outside of time limits, up to 30 (thirty) days;
  • using the PO boxes;
  • re-delivered postal items in domestic and international postal traffic.

Services per sender’s and addressee’s request

  • issuing receipt or certified copy which refers to the delivery of a recorded item.

Services provided automatically

Services connected to postal items which the Enterprise provides without the request of sender of addressee, when it comes to letter post services in domestic postal traffic are the following:

  • returning the undelivered items;
  • receipt and recording of power of attorney;
  • re-packing of items with damaged content and making of Minutes on irregularity of item
  • storage of items until collection (storage fee), according to the determined time limits;
  • transfer and delivery of letters or postcards for which the postage is not paid, or it’s insufficient;
  • returning the overpaid postage.

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Time limits

Letterpost items shall be delivered in the following time limits:

  • two business days in the urban delivery area;
  • three business days in the remote delivery area;
  • five business days in the rural delivery area.

These time limits for transfer and delivery shall not include: the reception day of item, days when the Post is not working or it does not perform deliver and dispatch of items and public and other holidays celebrated in the Republic of Serbia.

Company has divided the delivery areas on which the universal postal service is provided, in order to cover all populated areas of the Republic of Serbia. This division is as follows:

  • urban delivery area, where the universal postal service is performed every working day, and at least 5 (five) days a week, except in case of public and other holidays celebrated in the Republic of Serbia, higher power and threat to the health and safety of employees;
  • remote delivery area where the universal postal service is performed at least two times a week;
  • rural delivery area where the universal postal service is performed at least once a week.

Correct addressing of letterpost items


Postage calculator

Price-list of letterpost services in domestic traffic - business customers

Complete price-list of postal services and money transaction services in domestic traffic

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Depending on the territory in which you are located, please contact the relevant organizational entity or the Services Function if you need further details on letterpost services.

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