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  November 20th, 2018.

Money transactions – Serbia

The Post of Serbia provides services of money transfer to customers on the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Money order

If you want to send your money quickly and conveniently to the remittee in any place in Serbia, our services of "Postal money order" and "PostNet money order" are at your disposal. Your may pay your money in at any post office, and we will transmit it and deliver it to the remittee, at the address or at the counter, by choice.


PostNet money order

Our money order services ensure you the following features:

  • Fast and reliable money transfer;
  • Accessible services to customers on the whole territory of the country;
  • Easy money remittance and money withdrawal procedure;
  • Conveniences both for remitters and remittees;
  • Monitoring of the money order status via Internet or by using Call centers.

POSTAL MONEY ORDER is the service which enables legal or natural persons to send their money to the remittee (natural person) at any address in Serbia.
You can make payment at any post office, and the money is paid out at the indicated address. If the remittee is not at home, he can get the money order at any post office on the day following the date of receipt of the money order arrival notice.

Instructions for sending money order to legal person


  • Fast remittance.
  • Sending notification to client's address.
  • Money is available in every post office if money order is not sent to an address.
  • Safety. The information is sent electronically, so there is no possibility that money order gets damaged or lost.
  • Informational privacy. Notification about a delivered money order has no information about the amount of money sent by a money order.

POSTNET MONEY ORDER is the service of the fastest money transfer, intended exclusively for natural persons.
The payments are made in PosTneT post offices, and the money is paid out to the remittee at the counter of any post office or at the indicated address in the delivery area of the authorized post office, following the remitter's request.
PosTneT money order guarantees you the immediate availability of the funds, i.e. the money is paid out to the remittee immediately after the remitter has made payment.
Post of Serbia informs remittee via SMS massage about the in-paid PosTneT money order, which is paid out at the post office counter. The message is sent to the remittee's mobile phone number, which was listed by the remitter, and it contains the number of money order and information that the remittee can withdraw money at any post office counter. SMS notification service is free of charge for the user.

It is possible to inform about the money order status, by calling Call center 011 3607 500, on our web site, or by sending an SMS massage*: PUSTA – for PosTneT money order to 2377.
* SMS massage is charged 7,00 din + VAT. For users of MTS and Telenor network, the price of basic SMS is added to the charge.

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Prices of money transfer in Serbia

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Any further information on money transactions may be obtained by contacting any Post of Serbia working unit or Services Function, depending on territory of your residence.

PE Post of Serbia
Services Function
Takovska 2, 11120 Beograd, PAK: 135403
011 3607 500
011 3644 638

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