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  April 25th, 2019.

Money transactions – Serbia

The Post of Serbia provides services of money transfer to customers on the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Services for Private Customers

PE Post of Serbia provides its customers with money transfer services on the entire territory of Serbia through in-payment and out-payment of money orders. Money transfer can be made by postal money orders or PostNet money orders. Payment can be made in any post office and shall be transferred to the recipient at the address or at the post office counter, according to your choice.

Advantages of this service are:

  • Simple procedures of sending and withdrawing money
  • Fast and reliable money transfer
  • Availability of services for customers on the entire territory of Serbia
  • Convenience in terms of out-payment at the home address
  • Tracking of money order status via Internet or by contacting our Call Centre

PostNet Money Order

PostNet money order is the fastest money transfer option for private entities on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Advantages of PostNet money orders are:

  • The fastest out-payment option for the customers
  • The customer is allowed to access money immediately upon the payment is made by the sender
  • Payment is carried out in post offices
  • The Post of Serbia notifies the recipient about the payment via SMS. SMS contains the number of the money order and the information that the recipient can withdraw the money at the counter of any post office. The SMS service is free of charge
  • Information on the money order status may be received by contacting our Call Centre at 011 3607 500, on our website, or by sending an SMS at 2377 in the following format: PUSTA (space) number of the PostNet money order
  • Information on the possibility of making the out-payment at the desired address can be found here.

Postal Money Order

Postal money order allows you to send money to the recipient at any address in Serbia. Advantages of this service are:

  • Fast, easy, and reliable money transfer
  • Short out-payment terms and out-payment at the address
  • Possibility to withdraw the money in any post office in cases when the postman cannot reach you at the indicated address, in which case he shall leave the notice at the home address
  • Safety – electronic money order transfer – no possibility of losing or damaging money orders
  • Data confidentiality – notice about the money order does not contain the amount of the order

Services for Business Customers

Postal Money Order

Money orders can be sent by electronic means or at the post office counters. Electronic transfer service requires an agreement with the Post. You may download the form here. Customers can download the form for electronic money order transfer, fill it out, and send it to the following e-mail address: Legal entities can also obtain the aforementioned form and fill it out at the post office counters.


  • Short payment terms. Money order out-payment is carried out during the first following regular mail delivery
  • Choice of out-payment methods for the end user (to be defined in the agreement) at the address or post office counter
  • Information about the money order status, according to its number, may be obtained by contacting our Call Centre at 011 3607 500 or on our corporate website

Application of the address code, as a mandatory part of the address of the recipient of the money order, precisely determines the address of the recipient and enables absolute reliability and short term delivery. You may find more information about the address code here or by contacting our Call Centre at 0700 100 300.

Standard Agreement on the provision of postal money order services

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Delivery at the post office

You can find more details about delivery and delivery at the post office for your address here.

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Prices of money transfer in Serbia

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