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  January 20th, 2019.


March 27th, 2015. year

Joint action of the Post of Serbia and the Serbian association of dramatic artists
Renowned serbian directors on postal stamps

The Post of Serbia and the Serbian Association of Dramatic Artists promoted the commemorative issue of postal stamps titled “Renowned Serbian Directors“, on 27th March, the World Theatre Day in Atelje 212.
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Milan Krkobabić, CEO of PE Post of Serbia, Mr. Voja Brajović, President of the Serbian Association of Dramatic Artists (UDUS), Mr. Goran Vesić, City Manager and many other prominent personalities from the world of acting, art, culture and public life.
The joint action of the Post of Serbia and the Serbian Association of Dramatic Artists as regards the issue of the series of postal stamps with the renowned Serbian directors, confirms 15-year long cooperation of these two institutions and it can be said that it became traditional.
This year the renowned Serbian directors found their place on the postal stamps, such as: Radivoje Lola Đukić, Ognjenka Milićević, Aleksandar Đorđević, Slavoljub Stefanović - Ravasi, Miroslav Belović, Ljubomir Muci Draškić, Sava Mrmak and Jovan Ristić Rica.
On the occassion, Milan Krkobabić said: „The least that the Post of Serbia may do for the bards of the Serbian acting industry is to dedicate the commemorative postal stamps to them, which have already become a part of our postal tradition, searched for by many philatelists from our country and abroad. Now, we have the pleasure to display stamps with the images of directors who left their traces, both in stage and film art. The eight directors are presented on one sheet of stamps, which can be bought on the counters of post offices in Serbia. Thus, these renowned people will be once again brought closer to us and saved from oblivion.“
Voja Brajović, President of UDUS, then said: „This is a nice practice by which we keep actors and directors from oblivion. All of them were important personalities, not only on the stage and film, but also in the entire Serbian culture. In the time of serious threat to the existence of our theatre, this is a way to point out to the importance of dramatic art. Once, with the support of the Post, the images of our men of letters were also on the stamps, by which we somehow managed to detach them from the claiming of the neighbouring countries. We marked their existence and significance for the Serbian culture. These postal stamps with the images of dramatic artists and directors stand as a signet of their work.“
The employees of the Post of Serbia gave their significant contribution to this action, by attending this solemn event together with the reperesentative unions’ leaders.

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