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  January 20th, 2019.


May 25th, 2015. year

Partnership of PE Post of Serbia and the City of Belgrade for Public Administration Advancement

Mayor of Belgrade, Mr Siniša Mali , PhD, and the Director of PE Post of Serbia, Mr Milan Krkobabić , have signed today the Protocol on Cooperation, which will enable provision of faster and higher quality services to the citizens of Belgrade, and also contribute to the advancement of ICT technologies.
"The elements of the Protocol refer primarily to the development and expansion of the post office network on the territory of Belgrade City, but also to especially important for us - e-government, which is one of the priorities of the city administration. Given the fact that the Post of Serbia already has the capacities, systems and ideas, we want to use them in a joint cooperation in order to enhance the concept of public administration and also to offer to our citizens a better service" said the Mayor.
Director of PE Post of Serbia, Milan Krkobabić stressed that the signing of this Protocol is something that should have happened earlier. "The Post of Serbia, which is more than just a public enterprise, being the pillar of the state, the next week celebrates 175th anniversary, so I am glad that on this great jubilee we sign the Protocol on Cooperation with the City of Belgrade. This will contribute to the City effective and expeditious work in the administrative sphere, which will provide the Belgraders with higher-quality services, and maximum reduction of costs and time. This is the partnership road of the Post of Serbia and the City, as well as the proof that the successful can be even more successful," said Mr Krkobabić, pointing to the fact that the Post of Serbia is a market-oriented enterprise and that in just the first quarter it managed to realise the net profit of eight million euros, this being a record result.
This Protocol determines the initial principles for the expansion of the postal network in the territory of the City, rendering of letter-post, postal & logistic, express, postal & financial, IT and electronic communications services, as well as hybrid mail services and the capacity utilization of postal & logistic services in the new Regional Postal & Logistic Centre "Belgrade".

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