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  January 20th, 2019.


December 8th, 2015. year

Long-lasting Remembrance and Respect

Today the philatelist edition has been released in honour of the British heroines by signatures of his Excellency Denis Keefe, the British Ambassador to Serbia, and Milan Krkobabić, Director of the Post of Serbia.
The postal stamps display images of in many respects brave and exquisite women: Flora Sandes, Dr Katherine Stewart MacPhail, Elsie Maud Inglis, Dr Isabel Emslie Galloway Hutton, Evelina Haverfield and Elizabeth Ness MacBean Ross – who helped the Serbian people and the Serbian Army during the Great War.
„We have gathered here in the Post of Serbia in the memory of the six heroines from the British Isles, who intertwined their lives and destinies with the lives and destinies of our ancestors. The six heroines of the Great War dedicated their noble and sublime mission and resolution to set the example of humanity right here in Serbia”, said Milan Krkobabić at the ceremonial promotion in the PTT Museum, pointing out the gratitude of the Serbian people for their great deeds.
He emphasised that the Post of Serbia, in addition to the regular activities and business challenges, also takes care of the noble goals of social responsibility to the close and extended community, which is reflected in the permanent readiness of the Post to mark significant events and dates in an original fashion, to glorify and cherish the most important personalities.
„Our great poet and Prince-Bishop Njegoš once said: Blessed is he who lives forever, for he had the reason to be born, and I dare add that people live as long as people remember them. The British heroines are still alive. Their images stand on the postal stamps and will remain permanently in philatelist collections, but also in our hearts and thoughts, first of all as an expression of our gratitude, but also as a matrix and pattern for the new people in the days to come”, pointed out the Director of the Post of Serbia and also announced that the Post of Serbia will continue in the best possible way, to commemorate the centennial of the great epochal event, the First World War.
His excellency Dennis Keefe thanked to the Serbian people for respecting and remembering the heroines. „In the common history of the Great Britain and Serbia, a sublime place is taken by a story of more than six hundred British women working in Serbia during the war as nurses and paramedics, drivers, administrative staff, and so on. Serbia has not forgotten those women, who we call ''our British ladies'', and now, a century later, it showed great respect to them: in the recent period, documentaries were made, artistic exhibitions organised, theatre plays staged, books written, scientific and newspaper articles published, and now they are also immortalised on the postal stamps”.
The British Ambassador highlighted the symbolic of the solemn event, as the new generations learned the most about the destinies, thoughts and sacrificing of these women from the letters they sent to their cousins and friends. „A hundred years ago, during the War, the Post was the only reliable connection between our two countries, two allies”, underlined Mr Keefe, reminding that William Butler Yeats once said that „the postal stamps are quiet ambassadors of taste”, which is once again proved, as His Excellency pointed out.
The artistic design of the six stamps of the nominal value of 74 dinars and three First Day Cover envelopes printed in the circulation of 10,000 was entrusted to Marina Kalezić, MPhil, academic painter and creator of the Post of Serbia stamps, with the expert assistance provided by the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, the Embassy of Great Britain in Belgrade, the National Library of Serbia and the Museum of Science and Technics – Department of the Museum of the Serbian Medical Society.

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