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  April 25th, 2019.


December 23rd, 2017. year

More than 10,300 Kids Wrote to Santa Claus

More than 10,300 girls and boys up to ten years of age from all over Serbia took part in the prize contest of the PE Post of Serbia titled Write to Santa Claus, which took place from 3 November till 3 December 2017. Many children sent their individual works, while the group works came from 522 kindergartens, preschool institutions and primary schools.
Many original and interesting works of art - more drawings than literary works - were sent during this year’s contest of the Post of Serbia, fifteenth in a row. The most creative young artists received their prizes at the celebration organised in their honour on 23 December 2017.
In the individual competition, the first prize went to the seven-year old Nađa Pavlović from Kolari, for her rich artistic composition with vivid colours and a touch of Japanese comics and illustrations. The second prize went to Stefan Domanović from Užice, who presented enviable poetic talent although being only nine. Stefan wrote a beautiful poem on the Santa Claus of Post, who is “Fast as a Dragon”, because he visits every child, whether in the country or in the city, for the most joyous winter holidays. The six-year old Sara Čapko from Kula showed her potentials in drawing and writing by designing an authentic New Year picture book that won her the third prize.
In the group competition, the kindergarten Kolibri (Preschool Institution “Dragoljub Udicki”) from Kikinda won the first place - twelve kids between three and five. Using their artistic expression, they managed to conjure up the world around them, and each work is unique in the choice of technique, colours and expressive display. Their friends from the Belgradian kindergarten “Biser” (Preschool Institution “Vračar”) won the second prize for their installation, one and a half metre high. They made a paper Christmas tree and adorned it with their imaginative drawings instead of usual ornaments. The third place on the podium went to the six-year olds from Sremska Kamenica, from “Čika Jova” kindergarten (Preschool Institution “Joyful Childhood”), for their use of a specific art technique – sgraffito, not so characteristic for kids but very successfully presenting the colourfulness of the season’s holidays.
In the spirit of socially responsible practice, the PE Post of Serbia, once again invited children to take part in the adventure of writing to Santa Claus before the most joyous winter holidays, sending them a message to cherish true values and never neglect their imaginative and creative potential, even when they enter the world of grown-ups.