Postal Card - Delivery Time

Postal Card

Letterpost item, without envelope, weighing up to 20 g.

Deadlines for the delivery of postal items imply the time from the reception of the item to the delivery to the addressee. The Post is obliged to deliver all received postal items in domestic postal traffic in the shortest possible time, but no later than 5 (five) working days not including the date of reception.

The deadlines for the delivery of postal items from the domain of universal postal service do not include: the date of the reception, days when the post office does not work or perform delivery or collection at the counter and days of public and religious holidays that are celebrated in the Republic of Serbia. Also, the deadlines do not include delays due to the incomplete and incorrect addressee's address, force majeure or traffic jams not caused by the Post.

If the item is received after the last dispatch of items from the post office, delivery deadlines are prolonged for one working day, which is immediately notified to the sender upon reception.

If the Call for Item form was left at the addressee’s address before the deadline for delivery of the item, it is considered that the Post fulfilled its obligation and delivered the item within the prescribed deadlines.

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