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  April 21st, 2014.
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Multiplied Profits of the Post of Serbia
February 28th, 2014. godine
The Supervisory Board of the Post of Serbia, at its session held on 28th February in Belgrade, unanimously adopted the annual report on business operations of the Enterprise, as well as the report of the independent auditor, and also appointed the Executive Board of the PE Post of Serbia, thus complying with the legal and statutory provisions.
The Post of Serbia made total profit last year of 3.21 billion dinars (28.5 million EUR), i.e. net profit of 25.1 million EUR, while in 2012 net profit amounted to 1.243 billion dinars or 10.9 million EUR. “The credit for this noteworthy outcome goes in the first place to its15,000 employees. I want to thank them on their commitment and contribution to work, and the administration on the cooperation and incentive”, said Milan Krkobabić, Director of the Post of Serbia, who also pointed out that the Post operated extremely rationally and responsibly.
Milan Krkobabić specially underlined the profitability of the system, growth and development, along with taking care for its employees, and also announced further investments in the new technologies, products and services. He expects the Post of Serbia to continue with its business successes in 2014.
The Certification Authority of the Post offers the verification of electronic certificate revocation by means of OSCP Protocol
February 10th, 2014. godine
The Post of Serbia, which renders the service of e-certificate for over 25,000 users throughout Serbia, has introduced a significant innovation to our market in the form of OCSP system for online verification of e-certificate revocation. Thus this public enterprise has become the only certification authority in Serbia which, apart from the services of electronic certificate and time-stamp, enables a simple, prompt and free-of-charge verification if the e-certificate validity has expired. According to the applicable regulations in this field, every Certification Authority forms its CRL list, in which the e-certificates are recorded, which are revoked due to expiry of their validity, change of some data in certificate or loss of certificate, in order to prevent misuse. It is possible to check the certificate revocation by downloading the complete list of the Certification Authority, which is often comprehensive and is constantly increased, which may be rather time-consuming for the user. By applying OCSP system for verification of e-certificates validity, it is possible to make on-line inquiry for the particular certificate, without downloading the complete CRL list. This greatly accelerates and simplifies applications in e-business which are necessary for e-certificates usage, modelled according to the most developed universal Certification Authorities. We need to remind you that owning of Qualified Electronic Certificate (QEC) is a precondition that tax-payers may submit various kinds of tax returns and contributions.
For more information, please visit site: or contact Call Centre on +381 11 3607-755.
Difficult transfer and delivery of postal items to USA due to the bad weather
November 5th, 2012. godine
We would like to inform our customers that the there will be difficulties in reception and delivery of postal items along the east coast of the United States, which are affected by a hurricane.
9th October – World Post day
October 9th, 2012. godine
Exactly 138 years ago, between 15th September and 9th October in 1874 in Bern, the Foundation Congress of Universal Postal Union was held, one of the first and biggest international non-governmental organisation, where participated 22 representatives of the countries founders. Mladen Ž. Radojković was the representative of the Kingdom of Serbia which speaks for itself about the reputation our country had in the European and world scopes of that time. Serbia had 54 post offices, postal diligence for transport of passengers, law on money orders, additional payments and postal postcards, so called simple postcards and paid reply postcards. In 1874 the Convention of Universal Postal Union was signed, and the World Post Day was declared at the 11th Congress of Postmen in Buenos Aires in 1939. Today this international organisation encompasses 192 member countries which make a unique postal territory and the widest distribution network for physical transfer of items in the world. The basic mission of Universal Postal Union is the promotion of the universal postal service, since reliable and accessible postal services are the basic human rights. The international post uses 6,800 languages of its clients, and is a mediator for exchange of goods, capital, ideas and thoughts, in a safe, efficient and economic way. “To reach everyone everywhere” has become a motto of governments and postal operators, and it has to remain so for the future. Therefore, the Universal Postal Union shall continue to work on expanding postal services scopes up to every part of the Earth, whenever it is economically justifiable. The Post of Serbia is proud that it was among twenty founders of the Universal Postal Union. From the very start, the Post in Serbia was turned to international integrations and cooperation, since the nature of postal service and its mission require an efficient, everyday and fruitful cooperation among the national postal administrations.
The Post of Serbia winner of the UPU acknowledgement
October 2nd, 2012. godine
Director General of UPU, Edouard Dayan has today awarded the Goldern Certificate for Quality Management - the acknowledgement for the quickest rising quality of service in the South-Eastern Europe to Goran Ćirić, the Special Consultant of Milan Krkobabić, CEO of the Post of Serbia. The Post of Serbia was awarded this acknowledgement at the UPU Congress held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The Post won 1,965 points out of the possible 2,000. The consultants were impressed the most by the commitment to the service quality promotion.
Milan Krkobabić took over the CEO function of the Post of Serbia
September 28th, 2012. godine
Milan Krkobabić took over the CEO function of the Post of Serbia from the previous Acting CEO, Goran Ćirić. Upon takeover, Krkobabić said that the activities of the Post of Serbia cannot be reduced just to sending letters and seeing the financial aspect in the forefront, since it is one of the pillars of the state protecting its interests. “Your uniform is maybe the last uniform of this state at Kosovo and Metohija, and if it disappears, the state also disappears” said Krkobabić and also named some small towns where banks have no interest to make payment operations, and if it were not for the post office the people would have to travel far to execute any payments. He also pointed out that he would contribute that the Post remains the pillar, the crucial institution that cannot be played with mindlessly. As regards employment, Krkobabić pointed out that he would continue to believe in motto that “there is a lack of work, and not the excess of employees”. “Anyone who comes to me telling me that there is an excess of employees in certain organization unit, I will ask back, what has he done to find a new job”, stressed out Krkobabić. „I expect a full support of the employees and have no intention to make some combinations, as regards employment or anything. I am completely unprofitable, although many things could be heard about myself. However, no scandal has been attached to my name so far”, said Krkobabić. As regards his opinion of the previous work of the Post of Serbia, he said that the results are better than just good, but could be even better, depending on the employees. It was stated at the takeover that Goran Ćirić would be at the function of Special Consultant in the Post of Serbia.
Milan Krkobabić - New CEO of the Post of Serbia
September 21st, 2012. godine
At the session of the Republic of Serbia Government held on 20th September, Milan Krkobabić was appointed the CEO of the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija”.
Post of Serbia Day
June 7th, 2012. godine
Public Enterprise of PTT communications „Srbija“ celebrates its holiday on June 7. Notification of the Ministry of internal affairs of Serbian Principality to foreign consulates notifying them that they can send their mail twice a week to the provinces of Serbia, on this day in 1840, announced the beginning of the public postal traffic in our country. The first post office was established in Belgrade, exactly 172 years ago. Soon after, Serbia received a place in the world postal system, as one of 22 founding states of Universal Postal Union. Since 1840, there has been 48 postal stations in Serbia that performed postal traffic with outward postal stamp.
April 26th, 2012. godine
The Plenary Assembly of PostEurop, the biggest international postal organisation which gathers together 50 European postal public operators, took place on 25th and 26th April in Belgrade, has an enormous significance for the Post of Serbia and for harmonisation of postal legislation of its member countries in the procedure of joining the European Union. The Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr. Mirko Cvetković, asserted at the opening of the meeting that Serbia is a very favourable investment destination since it is a settled country, with industrious, educated employees, with fair and convenient business conditions, representing an organic link between East and West. In his address to the representatives of the postal administrations in Europe and the world, he pointed out to their significance in helping the insufficiently developed countries to adopt the European standards and speed up the development. The Acting CEO of the Post of Serbia, Mr. Goran Ćirić stressed out that the postal administrations which took part in the plenary meeting have around two million of employees and 800 million of customers. Mr. Ćirić reported that the speedy growth of ICT technologies puts constant challenges in front of the postal administrations in the world. The Post of Serbia is searching for the new solutions and makes great efforts to create new markets and keep the existing ones. He pointed out that the Post of Serbia is constantly working on how to win new markets, with constant modernization and investments in telecommunication capacities; he also noted that the Post has contributed to the development of e-Government and to the smooth operation of small and medium-sized companies. The Chairman of PostEurop, Mr. Jean Paul Forceville later indicated that the postal sector worldwide is faced with the growing reduction in mail volume and works on discovering new ways of business operation in future, which, by all means, requires attention and help of governments and regulatory bodies. The platform on the PostEurop strategy for the forthcoming UPU Congress in Doha was adopted at the Plenary Assembly, as well as a series of concrete decisions vital for the advance of postal services in the international postal traffic. On the second day of the Plenary Assembly, the Business Forum was kept on the topic “How to keep up with the digital world”, where the introductory presentation “E-Services in the Post of Serbia - Digital Presence” was held by Mr. Goran Ćirić.
The Post of Serbia among the most successful
November 17th, 2011. godine
According to the Business Top List 2010/11 of magazine Business & Finances, the Post of Serbia is the top company in terms of consolidated profit in 2011 (RSD25.3 billion), followed by Telekom Srbija and the Petrol Industry of Serbia (RSD17 billion each). The list of the most successful companies, issued by the magazine Business & Finances for the seventh time, is established on the basis of the 2010 final accounts of companies, as listed by the Serbian Business Registers Agency. The Petrol Industry of Serbia (EBIT: RSD16.5 billion) is the most successful company in Serbia in 2001, whereas Telekom Srbija (EBIT: RSD15.8 billion) takes the second place. These two top companies are followed by the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija” (EBIT: RSD4.6 billion), “Tarke TT” Bačka Palanka (EBIT: RSD4.2 billion) and Tigar Pirot (EBIT: RSD3.3 billion).
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