PE Post of Serbia

  December 1st, 2015.
Exchange office International postal money order 1 2 3
Partnership of PE Post of Serbia and the City of Belgrade for Public Administration Advancement
May 25th, 2015. godine

Mayor of Belgrade, Mr Siniša Mali, PhD, and the Director of PE Post of Serbia, Mr Milan Krkobabić, have signed today the Protocol on Cooperation

April 3rd, 2015.

Exhibition “160 years since the introduction of telegraph traffic in Serbia” is open

March 27th, 2015.

Joint action of the Post of Serbia and the Serbian association of dramatic artists
Renowned serbian directors on postal stamps

March 19th, 2015.

Krkоbabić and Li Manchang at the biggest postal centre for the South-East

February 2nd, 2015.

The Collective Agreement for PE Post of Serbia Signed

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