Info - Service information

Due to extremely complicated situation in air-transport worldwide, the PE Post of Serbia has suspended the acceptance of all the types of postal items for certain destinations.

The reception of the letter-post items, parcels (including PostExport- export of goods and PostPak services), as well as EMS items, is performed for 53 destinations. The list of destinations is available here.

The temporarily closed post office 14109 Valjevo 9 – Kneza Miloša 90, has started to operate again.

However, the post offices 11236 Belgrade 137 – Aleksandar Vojinović 87, 34202 Grošnica – Oktobarskih žrtava 226, 23110 Zrenjanin – Trg slobode 10 and 23114 Zrenjanin – Kej drugog oktobra 1 will be temporarily closed.

Some post offices with smaller capacities will be open on specified working days. The list of post offices is available here.

Pursuant to the Decision to declare the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia, we would like to inform you that the PE Post of Serbia undertakes all the measures for prevention of COVID-19 virus spread, protection of its employees and customers of our services. Starting from 31 March 2020, we provided rendering of Post Express service Today for Tomorrow with the delivery time-limit on the next day till 19.00hrs. Acceptance of the postal items shall be carried out at the counters of post offices. Changes in the post offices operation hours schedule are available on our website

Deliivery of the postal items shall be made at home addresses of our customers, according to the technical and technological abilities of the delivery post offices and the instructions of security and safety with which our employees are informed.

The Post Express Contact Centre through telephone numbers: 011 3607 607 and 0800 100 808, on working days and Saturdays from 9.00 till 14.00 hrs shall stand at your service.

As of today, the following temporarily closed post offices start operating: 23209 Taraš – Maršala Tita 57; 21468 Despotovo – Trg oslobođenja 21; 24215 Ljutovo – Slobodana Principa Selje 367  and  24352 Tornjoš – Svetog Stevana 5.

Some smaller capacity post offices are temporarily closed as of today: 23253 Konak – Maršala Tita 32; 32105 Čačak 5 – Čačanski partizanski odred 5; 32106 Čačak 6 – Vojvode Stepe 228; 21105 Novi Sad – Prva 17 ; 21312 Banoštor — Svetozara Markovića 33; 21314 Neštin — Koče Popovića 2; 21428 Plavna – Moše Pijade 28; 21434 Parage — Svetosavska 61; 11278 Beograd 86 – Marije Bursać 49; 26348 Vračev Gaj – Marka Stojanovića 219. 

The list of post offices that will operate on Saturday March 28 can be found here.

On Sunday, March 29, post offices will operate according to the working days schedule, i.e. at regular working hours applicable from Monday to Friday.