About us

The Post of Serbia, with more than 1,900 access points and close to 3,600 delivery regions, covers all 88,000 square kilometres of the countries territory and connects them successfully with the rest of the world.

Message from the director

Mira Petrović

The Post of Serbia has the biggest infrastructure and logistics business network in the country, which covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. Dedication of nearly 15,000 employees and a 180-year-long tradition are a guarantee that, with the Post as your partner, you can connect faster and conduct business more easily.

Thanks to the dedication of our employees and the trust of our customers, the Post has maintained a positive trend of developing all parameters of business efficiency and performance for years. The care for the community and customers is expressed through embracing the role of the communication pillar in the society, improving the technology of mail sorting, crosslinking all locations where post offices are situated as well as through the IT interconnection of the processes, thus providing new opportunities for accelerated business development and the development of the society as a whole.

In a complex market environment, the Post is consistently achieving significant growth in segments with the highest competition – express, logistic and financial services.

At the same time, by continuously shifting the boundaries of managing the most complex projects and tasks, the Post proves that it is a stable and powerful system that has the potential to respond quickly and efficiently to the complex tasks and needs of customers, large business systems and the state.

We are proud of the successful provision of universal postal services throughout the whole territory of Serbia within the prescribed quality, at affordable prices and under equal conditions for all customers.

Mira Petrović
Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia

Strategic goals


To be a corporately responsible and economically efficient company, constantly developing technically and technologically, to be the leader in the domestic postal, financial, information and communication services market.


Development and provision of high-quality and widely available postal, financial, information and communication services, with economically self-sustainable and internal and external corporately responsible operations.

Prizes and awards

The Post of Serbia is a favourite domestic brand in the opinion of consumers and the winner of the prestigious domestic “My Choice” award for 2020.

Based on the results of a survey conducted by the Association “Moja Srbija”, the Post of Serbia won the most consumer votes in the “Transport” category, which made it the winner of this prestigious award.

“My Choice” campaign, which awards the best domestic products and brands, solely on the basis of consumer votes, was organized for the tenth time this year, and the Post of Serbia receives this prestigious recognition for the third time in a row.

The Post of Serbia is the winner of the recognition for quality and comprehensive reporting on the influence of toxic gases emission as a consequence of postal activities - OSCAR, by ranking it in No. 1 category for the 2018 OSCAR campaign.

OSCAR Certificate was awarded to the Post in February 2020, in Berne, at the ceremony during the session of the Administration Council of the Universal Postal Union. The OSCAR Programme has an exceptional importance, representing the most up do date tool in postal sector, which enables the calculation of toxic gases emission, above all carbon dioxide and other components based on carbon being the consequence of postal activities, in order to identify reduction measures, i.e. pollution prevention.

OSCAR Certificate, i.e. the first category recognition, is the recognition of the highest rank of the 5-category system of ranking of the OSCAR Programme users, and it is awarded on the basis of quality and reporting comprehensiveness.

The PE Post of Serbia has been awarded the UPU Gold Certificate for quality management in the international postal communications.

The International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) awarded the PE Post of Serbia with a Gold-A Certificate for quality management in international postal traffic, confirming that the Post of Serbia in all respects meets the highest international standards and regulations in the performance of international postal traffic, i.e. that the reception, processing, transfer and delivery of postal items in international postal traffic is strictly carried out in accordance with defined acts and according to the highest standards of the Universal Postal Union.

The Level A (Gold) Certificate is of the highest rank and is awarded by the UPU to postal administrations which, on the basis of the quality management certification methodology, are determined to comply with the highest international standards and procedures in postal traffic, and shall be valid for the duration of three years. In addition to gold, there are also silver and bronze levels of quality.

The Post of Serbia won the prestigious "My Choice 2019" award for the favourite domestic brand in the "Transport" category, according to the consumers’ opinion. The courier service of the Post of Serbia, Post-Express, was as well shortlisted and won the second prize in the same category. The confirmation of quality and leading position of the Post of Serbia and Post Express was provided by consumers in the 9th edition of the campaign conducted by the Association “Moja Srbija” in the competition among 930 brands in 27 categories.

The Courier Service of the Post of Serbia, Post Express, for the second time in a row won the international “Best Buy Award” for the best price/quality ratio in consumers’ opinion for 2019/2020, in the Express delivery service in Serbia category.

The “Best Buy Award” is awarded by the International Association for Certification (ICERTIAS), headquartered in Zurich, based on the research of consumer experiences. The certificate is available at: http://bestbuyaward.org/SERBIA-398MN51.

In 2018, Post Express realized the volume of over 9.5 million postal items i.e. an average of over 40,000 Express items daily in Serbia, thus achieving the dominant position in the national market of express and parcel services.

Government of the Republic of Serbia and National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) awarded the Post with the plaque "Fair Company", for the support in the prize game "Get the receipt to win” and for the contribution in the fight against grey economy.

Plaques of gratitude were awarded to 15 big names of economy, among which are Telekom Srbija, Dunav osiguranje, Masterkard, Tehnomanija, Gorenje, DIS, Koka-Kola HBC, Filip Moris, Forma Ideale and Ušće shopping centre.

The Post of Serbia is the winner of the prestigious prize "My Choice" for the most-loved brand in 2018, in the category "Transport". It only adds to the success that the second prize in the same category went to the courier service of the Post of Serbia - Post Express, by which the customers directly prized us and asserted our leading position among more than 50 competitors in the market. This year, 780 national products and brands competed for the prize, while the voting was made using "Face-to-Face" method on the sample of 1,910 customers in 10 towns and cities of the Republic of Serbia.

Post-Express got another one in a series of recognitions for the long-term quality of services by winning the Best Buy Award and first place in the category for the best price/quality ratio, based on the opinion of customers. The importance of this recognition is all the greater as it cannot be bought, but is awarded based on whether a product or service takes the first place in independent research and voting of customers in one of the offered categories. Holders of this recognition Best Buy Award are numerous leading domestic and foreign brands such as Opel, Milka, Hyundai, Procter and Gamble, Bosch, Unicredit, Danone, Nestle, Dr. Oetker, Holcim, Henkel, Idea, Grand Kafa, Blic.

At the 20th General Assembly of the EMS Cooperative, held from 23 to 24 of March, 2017 in Bern, the Post of Serbia was awarded the bronze plaque of the Universal Postal Union, "EMS Performance Award" for 2016, for outstanding quality in the provision of EMS services.

EMS Cooperative awards gold, silver and bronze awards to postal operators of the Universal Postal Union member countries for the provision of EMS services of high quality standards throughout the year. For each postal operator, key performance indicators are measured, which are then confirmed by an independent auditor.

The Post of Serbia was the winner of the "Business Partner" award for 2016, which Telekom Srbija awards for successful business cooperation and partnership relationship. Among other winners of this award are prominent banks, television companies and ministries.

The Post of Serbia is among the ten top-rated companies in the survey "Most Desirable Employer in 2016", conducted by the Infostud website. More than 10,000 respondents selected the most desirable employers and, on the basis of personal opinion, gave estimates of what makes an employer attractive.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia awarded a special plaque to PE Post of Serbia for 175 years of successful business. All participants of round table of NIN Focus group “Business, restructuring and investment in public sector” praised the impressive results of the Post achieved by operating in the market environment and by market laws, standing out as a referential system in public sector.

Post of Serbia is a winner of a prestigious award “My choice” for favourite domestic brand in year 2015, in the category - transport of goods and passengers.

This is the only award in Serbia, which is granted solely on the basis of the votes of consumers, who are able to choose among 195 of best domestic products and brands, grouped in 19 categories. Ballot included 2,010 participants in 14 towns in Serbia, and the Post won in a strong competition of big domestic companies Air Serbia and “Lasta”.

The Post of Serbia received a special international award for the best European postal stamp chosen by the Association of the Public Postal Operators “PostEurope”.

In the competition of 49 countries, special issue stamp titled “EUROPE - National Musical Instruments”, showing the picture of the Serbian bagpipes, with the player of bagpipes and the motive of Stara mountain got the greatest number of on-line votes and won the First prize – “Golden Stamp for 2014”.

The author of the conceptual idea is an academic sculptor and a graphic Nadežda Skočajić, the creator of stamps for the Post of Serbia.

Post of Serbia is the winner of the award for AMQM – Enlargement of the system for automatic quality measurement– as the best implemented project financed by the Fund for the quality of the Universal Postal Union since 2007. Transfer time of the test-letter, including the transponder, is recorded through RFID equipment and Post of Serbia in an absolute leader of this segment in the region.

During the Open Day of the Fund for the quality of the Universal Postal Union, held in Bern, our Company was awarded the prize for the best management of the project “Translation of address to address code“. The Board of Trustees of the Fund for the quality of the UPU awards the best realized projects, based on the results of the review of projects that have been implemented over the past year.