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PE Post of Serbia, Belgrade has, as a result of the declared state of emergency due to the public danger of spreading the infectious disease COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and according to the Decision of March 15, 2020, published in the "Official Gazette of the RS" 29/20, undertook a series of activities aimed at minimizing the spread of this contagious disease and protecting the health of employees and customers, in accordance with the regulations in force and the recommendations of the competent state authorities, in order to provide conditions for healthy and safe work and to create preconditions for the functioning of the operation process of this Enterprise in a state of emergency. In this regard, the procedure for secure delivery of postal items during a state of emergency i.e. a special way of delivering postal items at the recipient's address has been regulated.

Delivery of postal items and telegrams at the address of the recipient during a state of emergency is made without direct contact with the customer (whether it is a recipient or another person who, under special regulations, can receive a postal item on behalf of the recipient), without entering the premises of the customer and in a manner of achieving the recommended physical distance at a minimum of two meters between the customer and the employee who is obliged to use personal protective equipment.

Registered letters, parcels, Post Express items and telegrams are delivered to the recipient's address without the contact with the customer wherever possible. In relation to the prescribed method of delivery (before the state of emergency), instead of the required signature of the recipient in the delivery list, the employee shall enter the name and surname of the recipient, as well as that the delivery was performed without the signature of the recipient, by writing in the following "without signature". The same procedure applies when performing the delivery to another person who, under special regulations, may receive a postal item or telegram on behalf of the recipient.

The procedure of delivery of postal items, regulated by the General Act of the Enterprise, remains unchanged even during the state of emergency.

As of Tuesday, April 21, post offices will be open weekdays from 9am to 4pm. The exceptions shall be post offices that worked less than 16 hours before the state of emergency, as well as post offices at border and administrative crossings, the working hours of which remain unchanged.

In accordance with the new measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to prevent the spread of the Covid-19, during the Easter holidays according to the Julian calendar, the post offices shall operate as follows:

  • On Friday, April 17, the working hours of post offices shall be from 8AM to 11AM (except for the post offices at the border crossings and administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak, the working hours of which shall remain unchanged);
  • On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 18, 19 and 20, post offices at the border crossings, as well as at Jarinje and Brnjak administrative crossings shall be open for customers with unchanged working hours.

As of today, the following post offices have been temporarily closed: 14251 Pričević, 24205 Kelebija border crossing and 24215 Ljutovo.

Pursuant to the Instruction of the National Bank of Serbia, the Post of Serbia has facilitated to its customers of 65 years of age and above to receive the international money transfer (international postal money order, MoneyGram and Western Union):

  • payment to the authorized person by a single Power of Attorney, or
  • payment of money at home address of the recipient.

The form for a single use Power of Attorney is available here.

Also the Power of Attorney made in free form (hand-written) shall be acceptable but only if all the elements in the prescribed form are included. The Power of Attorney need not be certified by the competent authority. On the occasion of payment, the Attorney shall present the signed Power of Attorney and ID cards of the Power of Attorney and the Attorney.

The recipients can make a request for international money transfer payment at home by calling the telephone 011 3607 700 Monday to Friday, from 8.00-16.00 and Saturdays, from 9.00-14.00 hrs. The payment at home of the recipient shall be made according to the prescribed instructions on safe manner of payment, which excludes physical contact at payment.

We would like to thank our customers for the trust and understanding.

The international postal communications with the North Macedonia has been resumed.  

The reception of the letter-post items, EMS items and parcels is operating for 55 destinations.

The list of destinations is available here.