Post of Serbia - “Unseen Lubarda“ exhibition starts


“Unseen Lubarda“ exhibition starts

In the PTT Museum in Belgrade, on Thursday February 24, the exhibition titled “Unseen Lubarda“ will be opened, showing for the first time to the public ten art works by Petar Lubarda from private collections.

At this exclusive exhibition, admirers of the great artist will have the opportunity to see Lubarda’s paintings created in the period from 1942 to 1972, which have never been publicly exhibited before: “Bull“, “Black Panther“, “Dragons“, “Minotaur“, “Camp still life“, “Scorpion“, “The village of Brajići“, “Rocks“, “The battle of Kosovo“ and “The way of freedom (Sutjeska)“.

“Unseen Lubarda“ exhibition will be open to visitors from February 24 in the afternoon until May 1, 2022, at the PTT Museum in Belgrade, St. Majke Jevrosime 13. Entrance is free.