Post of Serbia - Post’s transport fleet richer for new delivery vehicles


Post’s transport fleet richer for new delivery vehicles

As part of the process of renewal and modernization of the transport fleet, new Fiat Panda delivery vehicles intended for the delivery of postal items in urban areas have arrived at the Post of Serbia. The delivery of these vehicles is part of the realization of the already signed procurement contracts, within which the first 28 new vans were delivered to the Post in December last year.

Within these already signed contracts, in addition to the procurement of a total of 137 delivery cargo vehicles (combined passenger vehicles, pick-up and 4x4 delivery vehicles) and 72 vans, the remaining quantities of which will be successively delivered in the coming period, the delivery of 1024 new mopeds and 810 bicycles is expected in March.

The complete modernization of the existing Post’s transport fleet, which currently consists of 3,600 delivery vehicles (cargo vehicles, mopeds, bicycles, electric vehicles), will be realized through operational leasing, successively until the end of 2022 and during 2023. In that way, in addition to the planned procurement of another 1495 delivery cargo vehicles, 265 vans and 40 delivery trucks, the purchase of 300 environmentally friendly electrically powered vehicles (electric vehicles, electric bicycles and electric mopeds) is also planned.

By procuring new vehicles, but also by accelerating the modernization of postal services, both this year and next, the Post of Serbia continues to realize its goal of becoming a leader in providing logistics and postal services throughout Serbia and the region, thus taking its rightful place in the industry.