Post of Serbia - Smederevska Palanka got another modern post office


Smederevska Palanka got another modern post office

The new post office 11422 Smederevska Palanka 4 in Zlatiborska St. 1 in the premises of the Local Community of Donji Grad, was opened today by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia and Nikola Vučen, President of the Smederevska Palanka Municipality.

Director Đorđević praise the opening of new branches and the expansion of the network wherever there are increased demands from users for postal and financial services. He said that these activities will bring better quality and increased availability of services, but also improved working conditions for employees and general modernization of the Post of Serbia, with new mostly digital services, new vehicles and infrastructure.

“We ambitiously embarked on the project of opening 300 new modern branches, corporate and contract post offices and counters. Primarily, we plan to expand the network in smaller communities and create infrastructure that will help revitalize rural and countryside areas. At the same time, we are working on strengthening the network in urban areas and updating and reconstructing all branches in Serbia”, said Director Đorđević.

Post office 11422 Smederevska Palanka 4, is a receiving post office of a modern look and within a functional environment. Post office provides services of receipt of items, in-payment – out-payment and sale of postal products, at one automated counter, with working hours from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm on weekdays.

Post office space, with a separate entrance on the outside of the Local Community building, on the location of the previous separated counter, was provided and adapted by the Smederevska Palanka Municipality. Nearly 3,500 inhabitants gravitate to the post office - more than 1,330 households and 166 legal entities, and the nearest post office is 11420 Smederevska Palanka 1 in Prvog srpskog ustanka St. 25.