Post of Serbia - New mopeds for postmen in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja


New mopeds for postmen in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja

Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, handed over the keys of twelve (12) new mopeds today in Kraljevo to postmen working in the territory of Kraljevo, Raška, Sjenica, Novi Pazar and Vrnjačka Banja. By the end of March, a total of 98 new mopeds will arrive at the Regional Working Unit “Kraljevo, Čačak”.

These mopeds of the Italian brand “Piago Liberty” will be used for regular delivery in rural areas with hilly and mountainous terrain configuration and will replace old mopeds that have reached the end of their useful life. These are the most modern vehicles, with gas emissions according to Euro 5 standards. They have multifunctional front and rear carriers for postal items, with a total capacity of 65 kilograms, while the waterproof case located on the rear carrier has a capacity of 70 litres. Thanks to such characteristics, the new mopeds provide more efficient delivery of postal items, lower emissions, savings in fuel consumption, better working conditions for employees and their greater safety in traffic.  

Within the project of modernization of the delivery fleet, this is the first delivery of mopeds in the Post of Serbia out of a total of 1024 as planned in the public procurement agreed at the end of 2021. Out of that amount, a total of 98 new mopeds are planned for the Regional Working Unit “Kraljevo, Čačak” (61 for Kraljevo and 37 for Čačak), and last week 18 of them already arrived, of which 12 is intended for Kraljevo and 6 for Čačak.

During today's visit to Kraljevo, Zoran Đorđević also visited the headquarters of the Regional Working Unit “Kraljevo, Čačak”, as well as the Post Office 36101 Kraljevo 1, where he spoke with employees about development plans and activities to improve working conditions and financial position of employees. Previously, Đorđević stayed in Vrnjačka Banja, where he also used the opportunity to talk to employees, hear opinions on key issues related to improving postal services and working conditions, but also to inform employees about the company's future plans.