Post of Serbia - Patron Saint Day of the Post – Annunciation


Patron Saint Day of the Post – Annunciation

Today, the Post of Serbia celebrates its Patron Saint Day – the Annunciation. Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, congratulated the holiday to all employees and wished them a lot of success and good health.

“As the Archangel Gabriel brought the good news to the Virgin Mary and all mankind on this day, in which he announced the birth of Christ, saying the words that marked the first joyous news for humanity: “Rejoice, gracious one! God is with You! Blessed are You among women!”, so I as well wish all of us, who today celebrate the Annunciation as the Patron Saint Day of the postal “guild”, every personal, family and professional happiness, and hope that health, peace and harmony will be bestowed upon each and every one of us; And to our other home, our Post, to be the most successful! Happy Patron Saint Day, happy Annunciation! May God grant us many years!”, said Đorđević.