Post of Serbia - New eco-friendly packaging for Post Express items


New eco-friendly packaging for Post Express items

PE Post of Serbia, in the spirit of socially responsible business and practice, and following the policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for environmental protection, introduces standardized branded packaging made of recycled material for Post Express items, which will be put into use and sale on May 1, 2022.

With this project, the Post of Serbia is actively contributing to the reduction of pollution and preservation of the environment, and it plans such and similar projects in the future. The new standardized branded packaging for Post Express items is packaging made of recycled material, with different types of polyethylene and cardboard envelopes available. From May 1, it will be on sale at the post offices defined for receiving Post Express items

The price range of the new standardized branded packaging is from 9.00 to 30.00 dinars, the lowest price - 9.00 dinars for a polyethylene envelope without a pocket type A, while a cardboard envelope with a pocket type B will be sold at a price of 30.00 dinars. Other available envelopes, polyethylene envelopes type B and C and cardboard envelope type B without pocket are also in the mentioned price range