Post of Serbia - Voting for the most beautiful European postage stamp started


Voting for the most beautiful European postage stamp started

PE Post of Serbia has issued a commemorative postage stamp titled “Europe”, and it will participate with it in the competition for selecting the most beautiful European postage stamp, that starts today. This year, a joint topic of the issue EUROPE for all European Postal Operators, as decided by the Association of Public Postal Operators PostEurop, is stories and myths.

Post of Serbia issued, as part of the EUROPE issue, a commemorative stamp in a block, of nominal value 85 RSD, depicting Drekavac (literally, the Shrieker), a creature from the mythology of the South Slavs, especially represented in the mythology of the Serbs. Folk beliefs say that Drekavac is like a vampire, a material manifestation of the soul of the deceased who cannot find its peace after death, so it comes out of the grave at night and torments those who have wronged them in life. According to other legends, Drekavac is the manifest form of the soul of a dead, unbaptized child, who comes out of its grave at night and visits its parents' house.

The most beautiful European postage stamp is chosen by the votes of the expert jury and the online votes of the visitors of the PostEurop website, according to the principle of "one click one vote", and all public postal operators of the PostEurop member countries participate in this competition.

The voting will last until September 9 on the link and we invite all citizens to give their votes to our national stamp, whose art design was done by Zamurović brothers. During the voting, we draw your attention to the fact that Serbia is on the list of participants in the competition under the English name Republic of Serbia.

Philatelic issues titled EUROPE, as well as voting for the most beautiful stamp, aim to emphasize the cooperation of countries in the field of postal traffic and to promote philately, as well as to raise awareness of common roots, culture and history of European countries and their common goals. The first issue of the EUROPE edition was published in 1956. Since 1993, PostEurop has become a responsible organization, authorized by the Universal Postal Union, to coordinate the issuance of these stamps and the selection of topics, as well as the competition for the selection of the most beautiful stamp, which was held for the first time in 2002.