Post of Serbia - Meetings with post managers in Niš, Leskovac and Vranje


Meetings with post managers in Niš, Leskovac and Vranje

The Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, during his visit to the working units in the south of Serbia, held meetings in the Working Unit "Niš" and the Regional Working Unit "Vranje, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Pirot", in the headquarters in Niš and Vranje, as well as in the Areal Unit "Leskovac" with managers of all post offices. There were talks about all current projects and plans for further implementation, as well as about news in the organization of work.

Director Đorđević presented in detail the possibilities for inclusion in the "PostPro" project for employees, where they can earn additional income. He said that the project is showing great interest, and the colleagues who were among the first to start have already concluded the first contracts. He also spoke about the timetable for the modernization of infrastructure in this area, projects that include the entire system and priorities at the level of work units. He announced the "Mobile postman" project and the introduction of a new system for planning the routes of postmen and couriers.

At the meetings, the topics of the new system for classifying post offices and the current rotation of managers, undertaken with the aim of activating all potentials to achieve even better individual results, were discussed, and the post managers presented their experiences so far. They also talked about specific needs and presented suggestions for improving their activities.

"Regular exchange and "download" of information to each individual are necessary for good management and functioning of the entire system. In addition to all the ambitious projects we have launched and constant investments, we count on the high motivation and professionalism of our employees, the entire team. They can always make suggestions and convey their experiences and ideas and suggest solutions, and all suggestions will be carefully considered", said Zoran Đorđević.

During his visit to Vranje, Director Đorđević also visited the JUMKO company, which produces uniforms for the Post of Serbia, met with the company's representatives and discussed the next steps within the established cooperation.

As part of the previously established plan for holding meetings with all post office managers in the whole country, a smaller number of visits by director Đorđević to working units remained.