Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia and Knez petrol signed a contract on business cooperation


Post of Serbia and Knez petrol signed a contract on business cooperation

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia and Zlatko Aničić, General Director of Knez Petrol signed a contract on business cooperation that will enable the expansion of the postal network through contractual post offices within the gas station system of this oil company.

"In accordance with the growing needs and modern demands of users who want all services, including postal services, to be as accessible as possible, the Post of Serbia is working rapidly to expand the postal network, and one of the ways is our innovative concept of opening contractual post offices in cooperation with business partners across the country. So soon, in addition to post offices that already provide services in leading retail chains, postal services will also be available to users at gas stations of Knez Petrol, the only domestic oil company. In this way, the Post of Serbia, as one of the leading national companies, realizes its socially responsible role from two aspects - we enable the growth of the economy by providing partners with additional income through cooperation with the Post, and we contribute to the reduction of unemployment by creating conditions for new employment within contract post offices," said Zoran Đorđević, acting director of PE Post of Serbia.

At Knez petrol gas stations, users will also have access to modern parcel machines of the Post of Serbia - a new service based on the digitization of business processes, which will enable citizens to pick up their parcels in a comfortable way, at a time and place that suits them. As part of the cooperation defined by the contract between the Post of Serbia and Knez Petrol, the first parcel machine was installed at the Knez Petrol premium gas station, which was ceremonially opened in Šimanovci, at 2 Kapetana Svetislav Krstić Street.