Post of Serbia - Management and union meetings


Management and union meetings

The Acting Director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević and the Management of the Enterprise held a regular meeting of the collegium of the Enterprise in the premises of the Regional Postal and Logistics Centre Belgrade, as well as a meeting of the extended collegium, which was attended by the directors of organizational units of the Post from all over Serbia, employees and union representatives.

They discussed the six-month work results and plans for the next period, the financial position of employees and the growth of wages in the Enterprise, the filling of executive positions.

Director Đorđević emphasized that salary increases are undoubtedly among the most important issues in the current economic situation and expressed his understanding of the issues and the interest of unions and employees in this topic. He said that determining and realizing the highest possible percentage of salary growth, without at the same time jeopardizing investments and regular operations, is the subject of constant analyses and continuous comprehensive activities of the authorities, and that the purpose of regular meetings held with unions is precisely to remove doubts and provide timely information. about the activities undertaken by management, in addition to the improvement of social dialogue.

"We continue with the reforms and investments in new projects, in order to invest in safe business operations, development, rationalization and reorganization of the system. This is a healthy basis for the constant growth of income and salary growth in the Enterprise, improvement of financial position and working conditions, as well as employee satisfaction", said Zoran Đorđević. He added that in the coming period, an intensive dialogue will be conducted with the founder and representatives of the trade unions, with a special focus on the issue of salary increases. Also, the subject of discussion will be the reception of new executives in technology, and in sufficient numbers, who have passed the professional selection as part of Post’s public competition.

Director Đorđević and representatives of the management answered the union's questions, urging them to convey information to the members, so that everyone would be familiar with the activities and measures undertaken in the Enterprise, at all levels.

The following meeting as part of the continuation of the dialogue with the unions is scheduled for next week, Thursday, July 28.