Post of Serbia - The Post now provides the AMSS membership service


The Post now provides the AMSS membership service

The Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, and the General Secretary of the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia (AMSS), Milan Nikolić, signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation, which will enable all drivers - users of services of the Post to have easier access to AMSS membership.

Drivers now have the opportunity to ask their postman or to inquire at post office counters for an access questionnaire. By filling it out they enter the process of activating AMSS membership packages, which, among other things, include free towing and roadside assistance in Serbia and Europe.

The first to take advantage of this opportunity this morning was Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, who signed the membership application for AMSS, which was delivered to him by the postman.

“The Post of Serbia continues to approach citizens, striving to provide them with simple and convenient access to the services of its partners, both at their doorsteps and in post offices throughout the country, along with innovative and growing postal services. Thus, with the services of AMSS, the citizens of Serbia now have the opportunity to obtain special conditions for the services of Telekom Srbija, as well as exclusive conditions for loans from Bank Intesa, through postmen and couriers, as well as at the counters of all post offices in Serbia. It turned out that this is a winning combination for the citizens, the employees of the Post and our partners, and that is why we are already preparing new benefits that we will offer at the post office counters and through our postmen and couriers”, said Zoran Đorđević and called on the citizens to take advantage of the opportunity and request more detailed information about benefits from their postmen, as well as at the counters of all post offices.

“I am pleased that we have the opportunity for PE Post of Serbia at the agreed locations and through its postmen and couriers to introduce citizens across the country to AMSS packages and facilitate the process of joining our Association, for which we are very grateful”, said the General Secretary of AMSS, Milan Nikolić