Post of Serbia - Ambassador Hill and Zoran Đorđević on improving cooperation


Ambassador Hill and Zoran Đorđević on improving cooperation

Ambassador of the United States of America to Serbia Christopher Hill met with Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, at the headquarters of the Enterprise. The topic of the discussion was the possibilities for further improvement of cooperation within the partnership with the US Post and Amazon.

Answers to the current challenges in international postal traffic and growing e-commerce, new opportunities to connect with the most developed postal administrations and the most prominent players in the field of electronic commerce in the global framework, as well as the continuation of digitalization of services and processes, are the focus of the strategic decisions of the Post of Serbia, said Director Đorđević. He added that in these efforts, the priority is placed on new partnerships and exchanging good practice examples.

Ambassador Hill was presented with progress and plans for optimization and additional automation of business processes, development of electronic forms of postal traffic, implementation of environmentally sustainable solutions, modernization of existing and introduction of new services, in parallel with the improvement of existing ones.

At the meeting, it was concluded that there are many opportunities for the exchange of experiences and connections, namely by strengthening direct ties between the national postal operators of Serbia and the USA, which will adequately monitor the growth and expansion of economic exchange. Also, as part of the philatelic production of the Post of Serbia, the continuation of philatelic and cultural cooperation has been agreed upon, to which the US Embassy in Belgrade will actively contribute.