Post of Serbia - Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Post and Office for IT and eGov


Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Post and Office for IT and eGov

The cooperation agreement between the Post of Serbia and the Office for IT and eGovernment, which provides professional support of the Office in the application of information and communication technologies in the PE Post of Serbia, was signed today by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, and Mihailo Jovanović PhD, Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment.

The expert support of the Office will in particular cover the segments of strengthening the capacity of the Post for the provision of qualified trusted services for commercial users and the use of information and communication technology resources managed by the Office.

"Based on many years of cooperation and good results achieved on large and important state projects, we have concluded that the partnership between the Post and the Office can be even greater, to the benefit of the state, citizens and the economy. Today's agreement is very important for the Post, because it additionally makes available the professional resources of the Office for further digitalization of our business processes, where we need to make additional efforts. Also, we will use our own and integrate the existing technologies and IT resources of the Office in a better and more rational way, with the use of the Government Data Centre for data storage. We will ensure better quality of universal and other postal services, growth and development of the scope of electronic services and overall strengthening of the system, and be prepared for the implementation of joint IT projects, the expansion of eGovernment services that we provide in direct contact with customers, as well as for new and increasingly complex tasks in further digitalization of society and administration", said Zoran Đorđević.

"With this Agreement, we achieve the pooling of all HR and technical capacities. The Office will make available all its qualified trusted systems - eMailbox, electronic cloud-based signature, time stamp, electronic identification schemes, electronic seal, HR and technical capacities for the development of various information systems and software solutions, capacities of the eGovernment network which already connects more than 1,000 points across the country and the Government Data Centre in Belgrade and Kragujevac that the Post of Serbia will be able to offer to commercial users. Practically, the Post of Serbia is becoming an extended arm of eGovernment in the commercial sector. For its part, the Post of Serbia makes available a network of over 1,500 post offices where citizens who cannot complete some of the services via the Internet or mobile phone will be able to obtain information and perform those services in conversation with postal administrative officers", said Mihailo Jovanović, PhD.