Post of Serbia - Serbian Stamp Promotion – Voting for the Most Beautiful European Stamp


Serbian Stamp Promotion – Voting for the Most Beautiful European Stamp

The final promotion of the Serbian postal stamp, a candidate in voting for the most beautiful postal stamp in Europe will take place in the next few days in several cities and towns in Serbia. Therefore, we invite the citizens to attend the promotions and vote so that the postal stamp from Serbia may win at this important European competition. The selection for the most beautiful postal stamp in Europe will last for another four days, till September 9.

We would like to invite our citizens to take part in the most beautiful European stamp selection and vote for the stamp of the Post of Serbia at the website

As a national candidate at the selection for the most beautiful European stamp, the Post of Serbia has decided for the stamp titled “Drekavac” (literally, the Shrieker), which design was created by the world famous photographers, Zamurović brothers. The stamp was designed according to this year’s competition theme – Stories & Myths in the form of commemorative block, with one 85-dinars-nominated stamp. A creature presented on it is called “drekavac” from the South Slavs mythology (especially in the mythology of Serbs). This demon-like creature, according to people’s beliefs, may have several material appearances, and its artistic presentation on the stamp reflects a dark, almost horror-like essence of the Serbian myth.

The postal operators of the member countries from entire Europe will take place at the competition which is conducted under the auspice of the Public Postal Operators Association – PostEurope. The most beautiful stamp of Europe is chosen by the audience’s votes and expert jury, while the audience selection is open for public and all the interested citizens may take part in it. Every year the Post of Serbia issues commemorative postal stamps EUROPE, as one of the most significant and most popular issues with which it takes part at the most beautiful European postal stamp selection.

The promotion of postal stamp of Serbia in the most beautiful European stamp voting shall take place on September 7, at noon in the Historic Archive of Niš, in Niš, on September 8 at 14.00 hrs in Digital Youth Centre of the City Library, in Novi Sad, and September 9, at noon, in the Historic Archives of Šumadija, in Kragujevac.